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 Best Journey Songs of All Time

So, are you going somewhere? Are you planning a long drive with a dearly beloved? Or are you just driving till there is no road, but the ocean ahead? We all travel every day. We travel by car, bus and airplanes. The journey can be long and tiresome. However, the journey is a journey worth taking. The fresh air, and the feeling of being on the road. What one wants in a journey is amusement. When you’re driving 120km/h on the road you want something to pump you up. However, if you’re heartbroken or going on a romantic drive you need something to set the mood. The answer to all this is music. One needs the right music on a journey. I give you my 10 favourite travel songs. Perhaps, after reading it you may want to add them to yours.

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10. Somewhere Only We Know- Keane
I walked across an empty land, knew the pathway like the back of my hand. I felt the earth beneath my feet, sat by the river and it made me complete. These lyrics, and the soothing melody take you away. If you are driving on an open road and the wind is blowing in your hair. This song captivates you, and reminds you of the simple things in life.
9. Let Your Heart Hold Fast-Fort Atlantic
Ever feel desolate, and isolated. It is in these times we want to escape the world, and just run. This song is perfect for all those heartbroken loners walking on lonely roads. In oceans deep and canyons steep here alone we stand.
8. Carry on my wayward son- Kansas

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This song is iconic if you watch Supernatural. The vibrant melody makes you just want to drive. Drive till the oceans dry.
7. The Great Escape- Boys like Girls
This is an amazing song. It makes you wild and rebel. The great escape is a perfect example rock music pumping your blood. If rock is in your blood you better add this song to your playlist.
6. I’m leaving on a jetplane- John Denver
Now this song to some might be in words “corny”. However, I feel its got a ring to it. The lyrics capture your imagination, and make you remember that last kiss or last touch you felt. Just before your journey whom do you chose to remember could define who you love. That is why I love this song. Also, Liv Tyler looked very sexy in Armageddon.
5. Highway to Hell- ACDC
For all of you who do not add greats like ACDC in your playlist. You do not know music! ACDC is exciting tunes have thrilled and pumped us for over a decade. This particular song is a complete party song. It is a must add.

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4. Rock of Ages- Def Leppard
Def Leppard is one of the finest bands ever. This song has starting that makes you laugh. Then it gets you into the groove, and then rocks your brain out.
3. Gasolina- Daddy Yankee
Gasolina provides some fire to your playlist. It gets your adrenaline pumping. Now many might not understand the lyrics, but the beats are sexy and keep you rocking.
2. Burning Love- Elvis Presley
You must have the King in your playlist! Burning Love is the song I personally play in my car when I am racing my car to my beloved’s place. It reminds me of how she lights my morning sky with burning love.
1. I love Rock n Roll- Joana Jett & The Blackhearts

I place this song on the top of my journey playlist. Joanna Jett’s voice is breathtaking. It places you in a form of musical ecstasy. It is a blend of brilliant vocals and rhythmic beats. It moves you, and is one of the best songs ever! It is a must have song for on the go. Play my favorite songs, and I’d tell you wouldn’t be long before you’d be with me. On this note I sign off. Bon Voyage !

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