Top 10 Ne-Yo Songs of All Time

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Top 10 Ne-Yo Songs

Ne-Yo is few of the most creative singers as well as songwriters in the game of R&B. His great talent with the pen has made smashes for these artists like Mario, Beyonce, TLC, Rihanna, Celine Dion and many others. As an artist who is solo, he has successfully sold millions of albums from the time the release of his debut work, ‘In My Words,’ back in 2006. Now, the singer makes his private music firm known as ‘Compound Entertainment’ plus so far has started the profession of the well-known Ravaughn who is an R&B guy. I have picked 10 of the all-time greatest songs that display his earthly singing, writing,as well as his dancing talents. Along with nine successful years in his belt, Ne-Yo indicates no signs of slackening.

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So, check out the top 10 Ne-Yo songs of all time.

10. Sexy Love


Starting out the so called countdown is Ne-Yo’s melodious song ‘Sexy Love’ from his debut album called In My Words. The catchy song features the singer chanting his loves to his girlfriend plus how he’s highly hooked to her.

9. Can We Chill


Ne-Yo gleams the most on songs when he’s dating women. On the song ‘Can We Chill,’ the elegant and spontaneous artist speaks to a woman who latches his eye in a certain club and how incredible she is and why exactly they should date each other. The lyrics are very lovey-dovey. He’s extremely interested in her and she does not very much notices him. Ne-Yo is too romantic, no?

8. Closer


Back in 2008, Ne-Yo exited into a diverse musical course and started to get involved in dance music. He arose up to a winner with the fascinating song ‘Closer,’ an upbeat jalopy that was, for the clubs, tailor-made. There’s absolutely no contradicting the song’s mesmerizing grooves as well as catchy song “I just can’t stop” chorus. At last, the single turned out to be Ne-Yo’s first ever No. 1 dance and hit the charts in U.K. as well as U.S. and sold beyond a million copies around the world.

7. Never Knew I Needed


There exists no doubt that Ne-Yo is an excellent tunesmith. The amazing song ‘Never Knew I Needed’ shows that not merely can he beautifully write R&B tunes, however, he can also successfully pen soaring pop songs too. The song seems in the so called Disney animated film named ‘Princess and the Frog’ that for sure supports him increase a complete new fan base. The great video features Ne-Yo playing the character of a waiter who desires to be with a lovely woman he chanced at a certain restaurant. When the video is ending, a chance encounter discovers the couple ultimately getting together as well as grasping at a quay.

6. The Way You Move Feat. Trey Songs and T-Pain


You can definitely discover love wherever, including in the strip club! On the seductive song video named ‘The Way You Move,’ Ne-Yo, T-Pain as well as Trey Songz sing of being in a love desire over a stripper’s energetic moves on a strip pole. Ne-Yo sings on the soundtrack beautifully. Notwithstanding their ravenous thirsts for the treasure, it is still an amazing performance of R&B from the famous three guys.

5. Go on Girl


Of course, Ne-Yo can surely sing melodies regarding love as well as commitment, yet, he also can sing about forgetting an aching heartbreak. On the song ‘Go on Girl,’ the famous R&B sweetheart shows a cold shoulder after his girlfriend ditches him. He sings about him being not bothered about what his girlfriend did to him and that she doesn’t have to worry about him anymore. If you admire the song, do check out his visually spectacular video that was focused by the famous Hype Williams.

4. One in a Million


Approaching in at No. 4 is the great song ‘One in a Million.’ Nowadays, this may not be Ne-Yo’s most widespread song, but we needed the highlight the escorting video. Apart from the fact that he can surely sing as well as write, the Las Vegas inborn can too dance his bum off! The video shows that Ne-Yo does his utmost best impression of Michael Jackson along with his flexible skill that would for sure amaze the deceased Pop King. The song as well as the video displays that Ne-Yo is a three-way threat (singer, dancer and dancer) in the game of R&B!

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3. Get Got Her Own Feat. Jamie Fox and Fabolous


Ne-Yo adores the ladies, yet, he very much admires the liberated woman. The result to his women’s cool anthem ‘Miss Independent,’ Ne-Yo, Fabolous, as well as Jamie Foxx hands out struts to the chick who is self-reliant and who works really hard for the cash. The lovely video introduced many gorgeous independent women, that include Estelle, Keyshia Cole, and Teyana Taylor.

2. Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself)


After his release of his fifth album named ‘R.E.D.’, the song ‘Let Me Love You’ is Ne-Yo’s beautiful pop love anthem created by Stargate. The song also introduces the singer talented his soul mate of the future which he can express her the love power.

1. So Sick


At last, at No. 1, is Ne-Yo’s definitive song called ‘So Sick.’ Personally, this is my Ne-Yo all-time favorite song too. During the time the single came out in the year 2006, it immediately threw him into R&B stardom. On the musical tune, the singer tries his best to mourn over heartbreak but still can’t. This is because he keeps hearing a particular love song on the radio that his ex-girlfriend previously used to admire. A soft storm radio supports the song ‘So Sick’ became Ne-Yo’s first ever No. 1 single put on the chart Billboard Hot 100 and has sold more than a million copies around the world.

So, here you go. This is Ne-Yo’s top 10 favourite songs of all time.


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