Best and Most Popular Kesha Songs of All Time

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Top 8 Kesha Songs

We are counting the Top and best Kesha Songs in this article. It is unbelievable that Kesha’s debut LP, ‘Animal,’ was released back in 2010, since it looks like the pop tart that is obsessed with glitter has been in the music industry for more than just three brief years. Yet, with only one EP and one album below her belt, Kesha contains bangers of enough dance floors in her chart to keep us moving our bodies all night long, even if we are tearful. Check out the top 8 best Kesha songs below.

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1. Take It Off

kesha take it off

Slimy, Grimy, as well as grubby, from Kesha’s platinum-selling, the fourth single debut ‘Animal’ was ‘Take It Off,’ which is a romp that is highly auto-tuned that illustrates “a place down-town where the freaks all come around.” In a particular interview, Kesha told that the song was influenced when she visited “a drag show, and how really turned on I was by these transvestite men taking clothes off,” so the song expertly tells that certain story, casting a menacing darkness over this gruesome scene. With her vocals that are extremely processed, it is quite hard to say whether she is actually turned on, but the compelling house beat as well as the melody that is catchy still make it a song that is deal for any dance floor.

2. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes


Kesha surely did not have any real ballads on her debut named ‘ Animal ,’ nonetheless; she reaches close with the mid tempo that is muscular ‘Dancing With Tears in My Eyes.’ Guitars that are strummed as well as a beat that is instantly led up to a supernatural chorus. Filled with electro-sad video game squeals and blips, the advancing tempo stimulates a feeling of confidence. If many of Kesha’s songs are about having loads of fun at the club, ‘Dancing With Tears in My Eyes’ is all about the heartache of being the last individual to leave at the night’s end.

3. Blow


Kicking off with a weird command and a laugh, the hit song ‘Blow,’ is on number 3 on the countdown of Top 10 Kesha Songs countdown. It is stutter-pop excellence, a thunderstorm that is futuristic of swagger and sleaze. The song goes like this: “It’s time to kill the lights and shut the DJ down / Tonight we’re taking over, no one’s getting out,” Kesha’s chanting over the electro beat that is pulsating, with a one-line simple chorus that is repeated: “This place about to blow.” Yet, the song’s easy lyrics contradict the sonic style at work in the track, with the layered instrumental crescendo and vocals creating to an amazing finish which is a large as well as anthem of robotic club with an enormous payoff.

4. Cannibal


Many people would not really illustrate Kesha’s music as exotic or original, but ‘Cannibal’ has an edge that is totally refreshingly experimental to it that really makes it few of the best songs from her EP of the similar name. Over a beat that is  electro-tribal, Kesha confidently describes herself as a complete man-eater. The lyrics go like: “I eat boys up / Breakfast and lunch / Then when I’m thirsty / I drink their blood,” she explains. It gets weirder as the chorus continues, since it is made up of Kesha crying out loud “I am cannibal!” repeatedly against the trippy synth beat’s backdrop, covered with snippets that are yodeling.

5. Animal


Kesha labelled her debut album after this very famous song, a swirly and delicate mid tempo track along with a chorus that is robust that for sure makes use of her beautiful vocals, which are very often blanketed by the auto-tune’ free use. This song is produced by Greg Kurstin. He is famed for his well-known work with Kelly Clarkson and Lily Allen. The song’s message is of liberation as well as the gleaming production make it a great standout and also No. 6 on the Top 10 Kesha Songs list. “The night is fading, heart is racing / Now just come and love me like we’re gonna die,” she sings in the chorus, a message of captivating and honest amidst several party anthems.

6. Sleazy

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Kesha is frequently believed with carrying out a fresh sort of female rapping to pop music, but barely has she spat rhymes along with the ferocity and fury that she carries out on ‘Sleazy,’ her participation with the rapper Lil Wayne’s go-to producer Bangladesh that is a gem of ridiculous swagger. A backseat of skittering hip-hop as well as beating drums permit Kesha’s humor to shine bright as she picks an admirer that is arrogant at the club. The lyrics go like this: “I don’t need you and your brand new Benz / Or your bougie friends.” But everytime, she keeps all this real: “Me and my girls, we don’t buy bottles, we bring ’em / We take the drinks from the tables when you get up and leave ’em.”

7. Tik Tok


Kesha’s breakout single ‘Tik Tok’ made her an instant name of household as well as a questionable figure, given the song’s lyrics about brushing your teeth with nonstop partying and Jack Daniels, yet the haters can stay angry, since the song became platinum and finished up as the 2010’s best-selling single. It also landed on this list of top 10 best Kesha songs. The lyrics go like this: “Don’t stop / Make it pop / DJ blow my speakers up,” Kesha sings in the song’s courageous pop chorus. Fun, summery, and carefree, the song led airwaves throughout the year 2010. Although, its contagious beats have been replicated, no one can top the real one, a likably wild track that earned a place for Kesha among the music industry’s top female artists.

8. Your Love Is My Drug

Your Love is My Love

Mixing up her typical beats of dance floor with a few tropical flairs as well as ’80s synths, the song ‘Your Love Is My Drug’ was a huge hit due to its spontaneous melody as well as tongue-in-cheek lyrics that compares a relationship to being hooked in a very intelligently extended metaphor. Ultimately, nobody except for Kesha could escape with lyrics like these: “My friends think I’ve gone crazy / My judgment’s getting kinda hazy / My steeze is gonna be affected / If I keep it up like a lovesick crack head.” And her last and giggly lyrics that are “I like your beard”? The song Your Love Is My Drug’ works really well because it brags about the greatest parts of the personality of Kesha that is offbeat humor, quirky, and also a knack for melodies of big pop.


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