Top 10 Most Popular Dubstep Artists

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Top 10 Dubstep Artists

So, for you individuals who are interested in Electronic Music, you know for sure what exactly Dubstep is, yes? If you really do not, then I am sure you have been living in a hollow for the past few years! In the previous year, Dubstep really started to come out and became literally huge in the mainstream media. I have been into Dubstep music ever since it was a sound underground and have actually watched it progress. In this article, I am going to write down my personal opinions on the top 10 Dubstep artists of 2013.

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1. Subliminal Substance


Subliminal Substance is a producer, who is not entirely established, but I came across their music on Facebook a couple weeks ago and WOW, I was very fascinated. If I were to describe their sound, I would just say it is definitely throaty melodic vocals’ mix as well as wobbles that are relaxing.

 2. Omnitica

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At the moment, this particular artist is becoming highly established. Their music is Asian-like, which means it sounds like Japanese and Chinese music. The music contains some extremely heavy ‘impure words’, sounding bass lines supported by synth breaks as well as clever drum fills.

I do not think that Omnitica is that comparable to a lot of artists because their music is like no other I must admit, with highly melodic synths and clever riffs. I did not really feel like most Dubstep artists that they had a load of wobbles of LFO.

There contains no incredible loads available by this certain artist and personally I think his Dubstep tracks are a lot better than the House tracks that are on his EP. I caught myself listening to their music again and again. Anybody who listens to their stuff will definitely not regret.

 3. Zomboy


There was no chance of leaving Zomboy out of the top 10 because when I listened to their tracks, I was completely blown away. On his party-like atmospheric sounds, my ears right away got hooked. His music is made up of samples of vocals that are well thought out, heavy bass as well as drum beats that are totally upbeat. You will for sure hear this amazing sound in his music that makes you want to shake your body!

Currently, he’s got only a 4 track EP accessible, which I can look for as well as a couple of remixes that I listened to on YouTube!

His EP “Game Time” is definitely worth listening to and for sure would not be a waste of cash.

4. Knife Party


So Knife Party have got very well-known very fast and I was actually thinking why they got so famous and found out that Knife Party are the one who created “Pendulum”. If you do not know who Pendulum are, you have got to seriously check out and listen to more of these types of electronic music!

For Pendulum, Knife Party is a side project and many of their musics contain Electro House, but also, they do a couple of Dubstep tunes that are real good. Their sound is not very one of a kind and the Pendulum sound is. However, it is absolutely a great sound. Not only is their Dubstep music mind blowing, but so is their Bass and Drum.

5. Skrillex


Since last year, Skrillex has really hit the top! Their electronic scene is without any doubt great. I think he has tons of haters, but at the same time, he has got tons of lovers. You may think I am selling out hugely by placing Skrillex on number 5 artist, but to be really honest, his music is actually great and definitely deserves every bit of fame he is getting at the moment. He really changed the Dubstep movement massively since last year. He is an intelligent, accomplished artist and producer.

I would for sure find it tough to describe Skrillex’s music, but it is something you must listen to. Already, this guy won 3 Grammy Awards in just one go! His music is easily available at any online store.

6. Excision


Excision’s important contribution to Dubstep was made up of offering three elements that were game-changing: heavy, heavy, and heavy! Okay, so it might have had been a little carried away alongside the heavies, nonetheless the point we are making is crystal clear. This particular Canadian producer does well when destroying dance floors with millions of watts of bass that is behind him and has determined and motivated uncountable producers which include Dubstep superhuman Datsik.

 7. Caspa


Caspa is a London-based producer and has been making a contagious impression on the Dubstep world for more than seven years now, yes, way back when George W. Bush was still in office. Uncountable remixes as well as original tracks that are vigorous have strengthened his place in Dubstep’s Hall of Fame. Unlike baseball, this one does not scowl upon performance enhancing drugs.

8. Zeds Dead


The incomprehensible rise of Zeds Dead (DC & Hooks) to extreme supremacy looked like it happened in one night, but really, it took a week at least. These Canadians who are bass-loving have taken away the hearts of fathers and mothers brought up in the 70’s by inventing the remix of classic rock, transforming ever-present tunes from band ‘The Rolling Stones’ as well as ‘The Moody Blues’ into complete anthems of Dubstep. The duo’s fully gritty music continues to establish overtime, pushing the boundaries of tons of genres on every release.

9. Seven Lions


If you had asked a Chinese Astrology follower what 2012 year was all about, they would have said “The Dragon.” Similarly, if you had asked a fanatic of Dubstep the same question, they would have without a doubt replied with “lion”— actually seven of them. Jeff Montalvo, a.k.a. Seven Lions, has taken the electronic music by storm since last year, creating once again Dubstep’s wheel by blending it with break beats, trance as well as progressive house elements. The resident of Santa Barbara has only begun his ascension that is unstoppable, and we are just very much enjoying the view.

 10. Nero


By having more than 650,000 fans on Facebook, Nero is without a doubt one of the first duos regarding “Progressive Dubstep”. This year, they released their greatest album named “Welcome to Reality.” In the game, it is one of the most excellent Dubstep production teams and the only reason I did not place Nero at top #1 is because of the enormous fan-base as well as Grammy nods Skrillex has successfully acquired.

So, here you go. You now know the top 10 Dubstep artists of 2013. Make sure to check out their sound on Soundcloud.


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