Top ten Casino games to win at

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Title: Top 10 Casino Games To Win At

Casino gaming has always been popular, but with new innovations coming to the online gambling industry every year, more and more people seem to be finding their way to this addictive hobby. Of course, nothing really beats gambling a bit on an actual casino floor – but the raw convenience of online casinos, and the incredible variety of games they can offer, is drawing millions and millions of people from all over the world into the industry.

Consider Betfair Casino, an online gambling community that offers everything from video poker, to live online tournaments, to slot machines and original arcade games with character themes from popular films and games. At this single site, a user can enjoy just about any casino game there is to play, and put real money on the line doing it.

But how do you know just which games to focus on? If you’re a casual gambler, and you’re able to simply have fun with it, of course, you should pick games purely based on entertainment value. But if you’re hoping to actually win a bit of cash, some strategic thinking is necessary. If you’re interested in gambling – or for that matter if you’ve seen “Ocean’s 11” – you’ve probably heard the ominous mantra “The House always wins.” This is a reference to the fact that the “House,” or the Casino, always has better odds than you do, and it’s mathematically true. But there are some games that give you a better chance of winning than others. Here’s a look at the 10 casino games that give you the best chance of winning some cash!

1. Craps


Craps is actually one of the more overwhelming games you’ll find in a casino, online or in person, as it simply looks very involved. However, some light observation will show you that the game actually isn’t too complex, and it’s closest to offering you 50/50 odds at winning a bet. Craps is considered by many to be the “safest” game in a casino, once you learn how to play.

2. Blackjack

In a May article with a local news outlet, Jay Bean – a floor manager at Caesar’s – actually referred to Blackjack as the game with the smallest House edge. It’s also worth noting that Blackjack is very easy to learn and to play. The simple goal is to build on your first two cards (or stand pat) to reach a sum that exceeds that of the dealer, without going over 21, or “busting.” Naturally, the dealer has very similar odds as you do of busting. The only difference is that the dealer, in person or automated, will always make the “correct” decision of whether or not to hit, based on odds.

3. Baccarat (as banker)

Baccarat is a chance game, but one in which everyone is essentially taking the same chance – so, while you can’t necessarily use skill or practice to improve your odds, you also won’t be defeated by a crafty dealer or expert opponent. The Banker has slightly better odds of winning simply because the Banker’s decision of whether or not to draw a new card is made as a reaction to the Player’s hand.

4. Baccarat (as player)

The same concept from #3 applies here, except that once the initial cards are dealt, the Player must draw first, which offers the player slightly lower odds. If the Player’s initial total is between 0-5, he must draw a third card; if the total is 6 or 7, he stays. The Banker’s decision varies based not only on his own total, but also whether or not the Player draws.

5. Poker

Poker is a tricky game to rank in terms of odds, simply because there are varieties of the game, and skill actually matters a great deal. We kept it in the middle for that reason. If you’re an expert, poker should probably be ranked a spot or two higher; if you’re inexperienced, it’s best to study up before putting too much money on a game. Also worth noting is that if you are a mathematically sound poker player – meaning you tend to make “correct” decisions as dictated by odds – video poker may have better odds for you than live games. Video poker is naturally more robotic, and you’re more likely to benefit from a mathematical approach, whereas in a live game an opponent can sway the game with a stylistic approach.

6. Roulette (single 0)

In Roulette, you’re betting entirely on chance anyway. You can either bet on the ball landing on a single number, a color (red or black), or a designation of even or odd numbers. It’s a chance game for which you’ll have pretty decent odds (just not a massive payout) betting on even/odd or red/black, and low odds but a high payout for picking a single number.

7. Roulette (double 0)

Double 0 Roulette is literally the exact same game as ordinary Roulette, with the exception that in addition to the “0” on the wheel, there is a second slot marked “00,” which gives you another chance to whiff on your bet. The odds are ever-so-slightly worse in Double 0 Roulette.

8. Sports Betting

Like poker, sports betting is incredibly hard to beg down in terms of odds, simply because there is such an enormous variety of bets that can be made, and your knowledge of a sport comes into play. For example, someone betting randomly on an NFL game just for fun will theoretically have a lower probability of winning than an expert who’s analyzed both teams. Fast Odds lists the House edge at 4.5% for sports bets in casinos, but again, there’s so much variety here it’s tough to peg. If you do bet on sports, stick to the ones you know!

9. Keno

Known as one of the more difficult games to win at, Keno actually stacks the odds enormously in favor of the House (25% House edge according to Fast Odds). Basically, it’s a game purely based on chance that’s only wise to play if you’re experimenting, playing with very small amounts of cash, or simply have an affection for Keno. Otherwise, this one will rob you.

10. Jackpots

Again, this is a vague category with plenty of different games and payouts included, but the raw idea of a jackpot is that you take a chance at a major cash bonus with very little chance of winning. Think of it as a mini-lottery made for the casino. Of course, some online casinos have jackpots based in arcade games, which can on occasion put a small element of skill into the equation.


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