Top 10 Richest Countries In The World 2013

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It is the dream and mission statement of every country to become richest, spread happiness and make its people satisfied. Many countries are in the race but the top countries are those who have highest GDP’s. GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita income is based on purchasing power parity. GDP is not an instrument to measure of property, well-being and quality of people but also in the expectancy, distribution and literacy. The richest country should generate money in terms of wages and profits and services by all sectors of economy. Here we have list of Top 10 Richest Countries In The World 2013


Top 10 Richest Countries In The World 2013


10. Australia-GDP=$44,073.81

During the continuous period of fight with recession and continuous growth of Australian government and of enthusiastic nation since last 20 years Australia has fain the ninth biggest Securities Exchange. Economy is driven by many sectors like service, tourism, education and financial service accounts for 70% GDP. It is a major exporter of agriculture (wheat, wool), minerals (iron, gold) and energy (natural gas and coal). The main source of government revenue is company and personal tax system. It is also recognized for its fifth largest transportation of wine.


9. Switzerland- GDP=$45,285.8:

Switzerland is a wealthiest country of the world with the stable and prosperous economy. Despite of its size it is twentieth largest exporter and has largest account balances. The country is known as the Europe’s most innovative country and has ultra-secretive banking system. Other than export services some important sectors are tourism, chemical manufacturing, insurance and measuring and musical instruments. It has low unemployment ratio and has more flexible job market and the country is known for its lowest taxation among all developed countries.


8. United Arab Emirates- GDP=$48,992.47:

UAE is known as the world’s 14th best nation for doing business based on regulatory environment and economy and its city is called “the richest city of the world”. More than 85% of its economy is based on the exportation of natural resources present abundantly in the country and also trying to increase its income by enhancing tourism and construction and skylines sector. It has many important ports and known as the 6th busiest ports in the world.


7. United States Of America- GDP=$49,802.15:

United States of America, a capitalist country is in the list of top richest countries at present due to its low un-employment ratio of only 7% and poverty ratio of 15%. It has a strong growing economy with the largest import and slightly less export ratio. Its largest import commodity is oil and export commodity is transportation accoutrements. Not only the New York has gained the top position in world’s Stock Exchange market but also USA is world’s number one producer of nuclear and electrical energy along with sulphur, phosphate, salts and natural gas. The country with gigantic economy is also good in agriculture and has two world’s leading brands of Coca-Cola and McDonalds.


6. Brunei- GDP=$50526.35:

Brunei which is present at Boneo Island has the high GDP rate per capita due to its large natural resources including natural oil and petroleum fields mainly that gross almost 90% for the country and known as the 9th largest exporter of many substances around the world. It has unemployment rate of 6% that government is trying to reduce by upgrading labor force, empowering tourism and banking sector.


5. Hong Kong- GDP=$50,708.95:

Hong Kong is one of the world’s leading financial centers with free trade and lowest taxation. It has deep harbor and expensive skylines as well. The country is getting prosperous due to introduction of some policies like compulsory pension scheme, anti-discrimination laws etc. since the Second World War the country has become a leading center of IT, management, financial and business services and consultations. Though the country does not have such strong agricultural department still its currency is the most traded currency. It is at fourth position in terms of highest % millionaire households owing at least 1 million US dollars.


4. Norway- GDP=$55,264.45:

The standard of settlement in Norway is highest in the world and it is the world’s most stable and well-developed stability. Its rapidly increasing economy will not further hold it to the 4th position. The country is positioned as the 3rd largest exporter of natural gas and also exports hydropower, fish, forest and minerals too, ranked as the 17th largest oil exporter and world’s 6th largest merchant fleet. Petroleum industry revenues the 28% of country’s gross. Norway has the lowest unemployment ratio of only 2.6%. According to the latest research the pay difference between the lowest paid person and CEO is very less than other developed and Western countries.


3. Singapore- GDP=$60,883.33:

Singapore is at the 3rd position of world’s auspicious countries because of its high literacy rate and large export ratio. It is known as South Asian’s high-technology and financial hub. The Singapore’s port is considered as one of the world’s busiest sea port due to the large number of shipping containers with skylines in the background. After Hong Kong, Singapore has the second freest economy due to its highest trade-ratio. It is also a second largest foreign investor in India. The country has diverse economy that exports costumer electronics, IT, pharmaceutical products and considered as 14th largest exporter and has the low poverty rate of only 2%.


2. Luxembourg-GDP=80,679.06:

Luxembourg is a part of Eurozone and has high economy that tends us to note on their low inflation rate, low poverty rate and high innovation level. Despite of crises that the country faced in the past year, still it is the 2nd richest country on the globe. The country is known now days for its financial and banking system despite of its big steel and chemical production. The government has decided to take start-up with the internet also and has started two popular companies known as Skype and Amazon. The country is at 11th number in the world in holding U.S Treasury Securities.


1. Qatar- GDP=$102,768.60:

Due to the increasing effort of the country and its government Qatar is at the top of the richest countries in the Asia and in the world. It is blessed with the huge treasure of natural resources and with good ideas that use them in positive way. It is a Muslim Gulf country. The country is free from the problems like poverty, un-employment and load-shedding. It grosses 13% from natural gasses that is present in a large amount of 25 billion barrel. Qatar is also earning by heightening tourism and hosting mega events like FIFA 2022.

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