Top 10 Advantages Of Hostel Life

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Hostel is place where we live by our own far away from our homes usually to sake knowledge and supervised by the administration. It is self-budgeted place provides student a sociable place to live. Hostel encourages more interaction of students due to shared rooms and communal areas like kitchens, study rooms, lounges and cafes. This life is valuable for those who don’t like home limits and love their freedom. This life adds us new mold and teaches us many things like newness, experience, exposure, self-reliance and open new doors to us and some of the Top 10 Advantages Of Hostel Life are listed below


10. Preference in college activities

Preference in college activities

It is said that home is home but the life at home cannot be compared with the hostel’s life. By living in hostel, there is no tension of leaving the college to reach the home at time and you can freely participate in the activities of your institute. You can take part in sports and without any compulsion of time and can take part in different quizzes after the university timings. You can also enjoy library facility of the institute after closing time of university and another pro is the distance from the college is less and you don’t have to get up too early like non-hostlers.


9. Opportunities


In a new environment, new peoples, new places we are free to explore our ideas which we not dared to explore earlier. We get the opportunity to explore new areas; we can do road trips, jobs, competitions and internships on our own. It consists of both good and bad things but all together it signifies opening new doors. At home we have to confine in limits but in hostels have to be self-reliance.


8. Freedom


Within the four walls of our home we some time feel trapped to some extent. There are number of things we want to do but we can’t just due to the presence of our family. In hostel we have opportunity to fly in our dreams and catch the things that we cannot at home. There is a chance of being involved in bad habits but the good thing is we can make our personal way. We can achieve whatever we want and these changes are the best teachers for us but all we have to choose is the right way of this freedom.


7. Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity

The hostel life is for those who want to explore the world, travel a lot and leave behind the cultural variations. Many people from all over the world come to the schools, colleges or universities to seek knowledge leaving behind their country and people and try to settle with the natives of other countries with different cultures, beliefs, values and tradition. So, hostel life helps to recover cultural diversity, to settle with others, to ignore the differences and to spread different cultures.


6. Services Enjoyment

Services Enjoyment

A hostel life is a special experience in itself in an environment including traditions, sports, society etc. Hostel life provides many facilities that even we cannot get that facilities even at home like separate lockers to keep our things separately. In homes we usually have to make our breakfast by ourselves but in hostels we get ready made breakfast with a daily based wide variety. In hostels there is another facility of open internet Wi-Fi that is important for us in our daily life and facility of luggage storage. In our homes we have only one year for whole life but there is an edge in hostel life where we get the allotments of different rooms every year.


5. Discipline

Top 10 Advantages Of Hostel Life

Hostel life is a mixed bag where one learns many things which are undeniably important for one’s life. One of the things that hostler learn from hostel’s life is discipline that we obviously not liked at that time but proved to be very helpful afterwards. In hostels there are many strict rules that must be followed totally that provide them more safety. Students also tend to learn the punctuality, regularity, importance of time, principals, and values of life together with self-management. Meet with limited people outside the hotels, to be in the hostels before the doors got close and such restrictions help every hostler sooner or later in life.


4. New Friends

New Friends

In hostels, we get a chance to meet with new peoples of common interests and same age and you get a great chance to make new friends. It brings a positive change in your personality because it makes you to compromise not only with your room mates, your seniors and also with others. It boosts your confidence when you tend to make new friends there and start conversation with others. This life also provides you the opportunity to take help from other hostler seniors in your studies and in department issues as they have already passed from this situation.


3. Better Concentration on studies

Better Concentration on studies

Another major benefit of hostel life is you can pay your hundred percent attentions on studies without taking any tension of house hold chores and can left off the worries of home. You don’t need to change the schedule of your studies time due to sudden appearance of guests. Also a student can freely do group studies in the hostel and hence get a proper time to study. Some negligence students also try to give attention to their studies by seeing their fellow friends competing for position. So, the hostel’s life tends to develop a healthy competition and sense of responsibility.


2. Growth


With everyday past in your life, you grow. Hostel life helps you to grow healthy physically, mentally, socially, psychologically and emotionally. We learn to survive in many difficult conditions, difficult time, manage our lives, solve our own problems and to live independently as well as safely without being a victim of anything bad. We psychologically grow by compromising with others, see the real face of world and get exposed with deep impacts. It also helps us in emotional growth without suffering from home sickness and emotionally unstableness.


1. Experience


Experience is never ending and never complete. When we step out and live in hostel we learn a lot of new things, newness, interacting confidently, taking responsibility, independence and managing own things etc. With all these things we came across many good and bitter experiences like failures, disappointments, heart-breaks and managements that can be faced alone and no-one can help in such situations. This experience is inevitable lesson from hostel life and it is the most significant part of life.

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