Top 10 Best Social Networking Websites

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Face book ___ Twitter ___ I am afraid these are not the only social networking websites available. There are lots of other but we don’t know about those. Gone are the days when keeping in touch with your friends and beloved ones was a difficult issue. Now everything is at your one mouse click. Connect to the internet and talk to whoever you wish to. You can share now every tiny moment and memorable pictures to keep the bonds with friends fresh and strong. Let us have a look at the top 10 best ¬†social networking websites.


10- Friendster


It was launched back in the year 2002 but is not known to many nowadays. It is deemed as the founding father of social networking websites. Now, it has been transformed into a social networking gaming website and many people play games with each other in this website. It is really a lot of merriment. Furthermore, if you are already a member on Face book, then it would be more easy to join Friendster.


9- Tagged

Tagged social networking website

Making use of We-Gaming and Digs-by messaging application, at number nine is Tagged which allows you to link up with your pals via chat and gaming. Play games and communicate your score to your friends.


8- Instagram


It is a distinctive social networking website and lets its users share and tag photographs with mates. One can also share the photos on Face book or tweet them. Furthermore, digital filters can also be added to the pictures.


7- Deviant ART

Deviant ART

Welcome to the social networking website which honors your skill of imagination. On this podium, you can share the talent of your art by sharing your sketches, sculptures and other painting material. If your friends like the stuff, they are definitely going to like it.


6- Google +

Google +

Google fixed on entering the social networking websites sector in the year 2011 and started with releasing Google+ in the market. The best part about this is it brings the features of diverse social networking websites in one arena. We can say that Google+ is a picture perfect mixture of Face book and Twitter.


5- MySpace


It lend a helping hand to other social networking websites also and has been in the market before Google+. Besides performing other tasks which one can do in Face book and Twitter, MySpace also offers its users to share blogs with their friends.


4- Pinterest


With the great success of android phones, Pinterest has also gained fame and popularity. It has an application that constructs a pin board on which users can pin their events from their life. Pinterest is just similar to your personal diary where you share your standpoint and other stuff like photos.


3- LinkedIn


This is basically a business networking website and is used primarily by many professionals to stay connected and updated. People can also get jobs through this website once they have completed their profile and posted their CVs online. So far, it is the best business networking website.


2- Twitter


At number two is Twitter which is a very famous micro-blog. You can share with your friends what you have been doing all day long and other events of life through a 160 word tweet. Trendy actors and actresses can also be followed and you can come to know what they are up to.


1- Facebook


At number one comes Face book about which everyone knows a lot. It is the most all the rage social networking website and there is no Smartphone which does not have a built-in Face book application in it. This website has millions of users who keep in touch with their friends using amazing features of Face book. Mark Zuckerberg launched this in the year 2004 and is also one of the richest youngest billionaires in world.

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