Top 10 Most Common Reasons Of Divorce

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Marriage is a sacred coupling of not only two bodies but also a combination of two souls that needs a hard work by both of the people in the marriage. But now a day marriage goes not work in a long term relationship and results in separation. In fact in U.K 50% of 1st marriages and 60% of 2nd marriages ends up to divorce and highest divorce ratio were from 1970-1980. Whereas parents have a great role in the preservation of their child’s marriage and they should play a positive role to repair the marriage. But sometimes divorce is necessary at times and it may help in the preservation of moral rights. According to the recent demography no. of marriages has decreased and no. of divorces has increased that led to the increase no. of births to unmarried women.

There are many reasons of divorce like friends and family interference, delaying tactics, lack of equality etc. And the Top 10 Most Common Reasons Of Divorce are written below and one should be familiar with the points in order to make a good marriage.




10. Interference:

Due to the interference of close friends, family and in-laws more differences arise between the couple led to the separation. You should tell them that you appreciate their feelings, intensions and interests but it is none of their business and it is the personal matter of you and your spouse. On this act of courage you should appreciate your partner and try to stay calm. This will surely help in your marriage.


9. Differences in Beliefs and Values:

When two people love each other and got married they forget all the differences they have but after sometime of marriage mostly after 1 or 2 years their priorities changes and they start finding out the differences of each other. Especially if both the partners are from different religions and have opposite beliefs and value, their chances to be divorced double. If both the partners have different rules and different Gods to worship, the differences cannot be ignored for a long time. The divorce rates due to variation in religions in Christianity 34%.


8. Addiction:

Addiction is one of the major reasons of divorce in which the spouse is addicted to drugs and the other partner becomes enabler. Drugs are taken when a person is tensed and when the drugs or alcohol is taken in a larger quantity the person becomes unconscious and tries to remove his/her tension and depression on the other partner results in domestic violence and ends up to divorce. Addiction is also due to the unemployment results in the lower income and the addicted person tries to buy drugs by selling important requirements of house.


7. Lack of preparation:

Lack of preparation of marriage means if one is not prepared mentally about the social and sexual problems one can face after marriage, changes appeared in one’s life and increase in responsibilities after marriage. 41% of exes say that they were not prepared for marriage and this led them to separation. Proper marriage counseling and pre-marital counseling can help the couples to handle their union.


6. Marrying too young:

Marrying before the proper age of marriage is a great reason of divorce. According to the research women who married between the age of 20-24 and men between the same age group get divorce at the rate of 36.6% and 38.8% respectively whereas the rate of divorce has decreased between the age of 25-29 for men and women to 22.3% and 16.4% respectively. And this rate is continuously decreased by increasing the age of marriage shows that marrying too young increase the risk of divorce. But the union that results in children have divorce rate of 44%.


5. Unrealistic Expectations:

45% of divorces occur due to the unrealistic expectation of one partner to its spouse. Unrealistic expectations mean if you expect unrealistic and non-professional demands to be fulfilled by your partner. If you wish your partner to be a hero of a movie or prince who can just put down every-thing on your one wish or if you think your wife is a super wife who can do every-thing just as it you say then you should control your imagination and try to be professional.  May be this can safe your marriage!


4. Abuse:

Abusing one another and at present 61% separation is because of emotional, physical, mental and sexual abuse. Domestic violence is a common reason of divorce and many people are not able to find out that they are victims. he spouse who is being abused feels anxiety, tension, depression and stressed-out but they don’t understand many times for the cause of these feelings. Powers advises the victims to seek legal advices than to take divorce. Emotional and physical abuse makes the victim fearful and starts to change them to make their partners happy. The abuser makes his partner lonely, make big decisions alone and withhold sex as a punishment.


3. Infidelity:

Infidelity or cheating is very common now days due to un-satisfaction of a person from its fiancé. Un-satisfaction could be in different ways like if one is not satisfies with the charm of its spouse or its spouse is no fulfilling its sexual and personal needs. It is a third most common reason of divorce in which 55% of respondents say that infidelity is a reason of divorce. Cheating also includes internet relationships that are becoming very common that usually occurs when you feel boredom with your relationship.


2. Arguing:

Too much arguing is the 2nd most common reason of divorce. If there is a miss-understanding between you and your partner, you should talk to your spouse by staying calm but don’t argue. Communication is different from arguing because arguing led to blaming each other and does not solve the problem. This problem arise when you are not actually appreciating; not trying to understand your partner and being defensive. According to the survey 56% of the exes say that their marriage broke due to too much arguing.


1. Lack of commitment:

Lack of commitment is the major reason of separation as it has the highest percentage of 73% that led to divorce. 62% of exes say that their spouse should work harder to save their marriage. 21% of women and 35% of men say that they wish they, themselves, had tried hard in their marriage. So, everyone should be aware of the meaning of marriage and should remember that divorce always costs more than marriage in all aspects. Commitment should be in social, economic and sexual problems.

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