Top 10 Best Cancer Hospitals In The World

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Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of unhealthy cells. The rapid cell division leads to speedy spread of the disease throughout the body. If left undiagnosed or untreated the disease might start from a small organ and spread to the whole body. There are almost 200 different types of cancers.

We don’t need a zombie apocalypse or alien invasion to end our world when we have Cancer to ruin it. This disease is not an unknown or uncommon one. Everybody knows about it and is scared of it. But despite of great advancements in medical science and technology we do not know the cause of this disease. We have been pointing towards many suspected causes but the truth is that we are not sure of anything.

The early diagnosis is the key for treatment. However cancer shows no symptoms in the early days. There are many different types of treatments available to decrease the load of cancerous cells like chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. The correct choice of the treatment is also important. Here is a list of Top 10 best Cancer Hospitals in the World that provide treatment and counseling for patients.


10) Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Centre

Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Centre

UCLA Medical Centre is located within the campus of University of California. The hospital provides facilities for almost all the medical fields including dentistry. One of the doctors in the hospital named Louis Ignarro has won Nobel Prize. A lot of notable people have been admitted to this hospital.


9) Stanford Clinic and Hospital

Stanford Clinic and Hospital

Located in California, this hospital is renowned world over because of its work in cancer and also in other fields like cardiovascular diseases and organ transplant. This hospital has every facility to deal with emergencies. On one call the hospital will send a helicopter that can accommodate two patients with two flight nurses.


8) University of California, San Francisco Medical Center

University of California, San Francisco Medical Center

UCSF Medical Center is one of the best teaching hospitals all over the world. The huge building of this private hospital can accommodate 600 patients. The hospital also has top ranking in endocrinology, gynecology and ophthalmology. The hospital also has a Cancer care and research center which is open to all those who want to know about cancer or help in its treatment. This hospital treats almost 17 types of cancer using different techniques.


7) Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts Hospital is one of the leading hospitals in cancer treatment and research. It provides compassionate treatment to patients suffering from bone cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer and many other types. The hospital gives treatment to the patients at any stage of the disease and also provides services for early diagnosis of the disease. Massachusetts is teaching hospital for Harvard Medical School. The hospital can accommodate 1057 patients at a time.


6) University of Washington Medical Center

University of Washington Medical Center

Washington Medical Center is one of the best Hospitals of America. It has 450 beds for patients. Washington Cancer Institute (WCI) is a great cancer care institute in the area. For treatment it has Gamma Knife and Trilogy Linear Accelerator. Cancer Center provides evaluation, treatment and then follow-up checkup to patients. It provides radiation treatment and therapies. It treats almost twenty types of cancer. Other services are also provided in this hospital. It is well known for its proficiency in transplants.


5) Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Dana-Farber is the best cancer institute in England. It has cancer centers for almost all types of cancers. Dana- Farber has a cancer care institute for women in co-operation with Bingham and Women’s Hospital. It also has a cancer treatment center for children. Dana Farber Cancer Institute provides state of the art treatment to its patients and has deep concern for those who suffer from this horrible disease.


4) Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic sure understands the pain of the cancer patients and helps them pass swiftly through the disease’s steps of diagnosis, decision and treatment. The clinic provides ample time for doctor-patient discussions, to help patients decide the type of treatment they want. Cancer institute of Mayo Clinic also has a lot of talented and well-known physicians and scientists who work day and night to just lessen the burden of cancer. Mayo Clinic has three campuses.


3) Johns Hopkins Hospital

Top 10 Best Cancer Hospitals In The World

Johns Hopkins Hospital has the best cancer treatment hospital. It has the most advanced treatment and diagnosis facilities. Researchers at John Hopkins discovered that cancer is a genetic disease. Their researches have led to much advancement in the treatment and diagnosis of cancer. This institute knows how to balance and maintain their patient’s mental and physical health. They believe that mental well-being is as important as physical health. That is why they discuss the treatment procedure thoroughly with the patient until he or she is satisfied.


2) Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center has accommodation for 470 patients and 21 operating rooms. This hospital is the largest and oldest center for chemotherapy, radiotherapy and cancer surgery. The institute is also the pioneer of psychological treatment of cancer patient. In fact at the beginning it only treated and helped elevate the emotional situation of cancer patients and gave them genetic counseling. Its research has provided a lot of knowledge about using body’s own immune system to fight cancer cells. The MSK cancer center has numerous profound doctors, physicians and researchers who are striving hard for the betterment of cancer patients.


1. University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston

University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston

This institute is one of the oldest cancer treating institutes built under the National Cancer Act 1971. For past ten years it has been ranked number one Cancer Treatment Institute. It has 631 beds for patients. The mission statement of the cancer institute of this hospital seems to be very promising. It states Making Cancer History’. The institute not only focuses on the treatment but also on the prevention and diagnoses. One of its campuses has research centers for genomics, proteomics, diagnostic imaging and drug development. The bottom line is that this institute is working as much as it can to relieve the pain of cancer patients and to free this world or at least find a reason or a suitable cure of this disease.

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