Top 10 Most Beautiful American Actresses

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Hollywood industry is an extremely enormous industry in the entire planet. The industry is dependably loaded with excellent, elegant, attractive, brilliant, glamorous, beautiful and dynamic on-screen characters. These performers are not just in well-known record in light of their magnificence, additionally for their vivacious acting abilities. All these excellent and magnetic performing artists are figured in the whole planet for their engaging and appealing nature. The acclaimed divas have more amazing impact over the Hollywood and other film commercial ventures additionally. The records of few prominent and wonderful American actresses show how glamorous these Divas are. So friends! Here we go with a list of the Top 10 Most Beautiful American Actresses.


10) Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene

Age: 26

An American model and Actress, Ashley is most popular for her appearance in the film series of “Twilight Series”. Her attractive features make her one of the beautiful actresses. She has won various awards and has been nominated in various categories.


9) Megan Fox

Megan Fox

Age: 27

 Megan Denise Fox is an American on-screen character and model. She started her acting profession in 2001, with numerous minor TV and film parts, and assumed a consistent part on the Television shows. Her movies include “The Dictator”, “Transformers” and numerous others.


8) Angelina Jolie


Age: 38

Angelina Jolie is an Oscar-winning performer who ended up in vogue by assuming the title part in the “Lara Croft” arrangement of blockbuster motion pictures. Off-screen, Jolie is famous for her charity works particularly including evacuees. She is regularly seen in “Most Beautiful Actresses list” and her personal life also always makes her the topic of concern.


7) Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde

Age: 29

Occupation: Actress Origin: American Her eyebrows, blue cat eyes, melodious voice, sleek hair and slender beautiful figure make her one of the most beautiful actresses. Brought up in Washington, the actress displayed her acting skills in various movies.


6) Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried

Age: 27

Occupation: Actress Origin: American Amanda Seyfried started acting when she was 11-years-old. She acted in secondary school processes and singing lessons, and arrived a repeating part in the US soap like, “As the World Turns” at the age of 15.


5) Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway

Age: 30

Occupation: Actress Origin: American Anne is an American performing artist and a beautiful personality. After some stage parts, she showed up in the 1999 TV show “Get Real”. She played roles in The Princess Diaries and The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, and featured in family movies like Ella Enchanted.


4) Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel

Age: 31

Occupation: Actress Origin: American With her great looks and extensive variety of ability, she has turned into one of Hollywood’s generally looked for brilliant artists. Her big appearance number 1 appraised series, “7th Heaven” (1996), helped her develop her fame. As a kid Jessica she was featured in such creations as “Annie,” “The Sound of Music,” and “Beauty and the Beast.” A regular excellence, Jessica soon turned to demonstrating and business work by contending in The International Modeling and Talent Association’s Annual Conference in 1994.


3) Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl

Age: 34

Occupation: Actress Origin: American Everyone who loves watching seasons must have been aware about this beautiful and talented actress. She also won award of supporting actress in TV series “Greys Anatomy”. She played leading actress roles in various movies like “27 Dresses”, “Life as We Know It” and “The Ugly Truth”. She started her life career as model and then moved towards acting. She has been working on charity projects as well.


2) Scarlett Johnnson

Scarlett Johnnson

Age: 28

Occupation: Actress, Singer, Model Origin: American Her debut in film “NORTH” at the age of 10 in 1994 made her entry into the acting career. She has been nominated for various awards since then. After few child star movies, she switched to the movies playing roles of heroines or supporting role. She had been married to Ryan Reynolds but the marriage did not work and they separated in 2011. Not only her acting made her popular, but her beautiful personality and elegant looks helped her grab the ranking among the most beautiful actresses.


1) Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Age: 22

Occupation: Actress Origin: American Jennifer Lawrence is a young and cute celebrity. She has made mark in the industry within no time. Although she has not attended any classes for acting but still she is a superb actress. Her acting skills are unmatchable. She gave a number of hits since she has been launched. One such mega hit comedy is “Silver Linings Playbook” and “The Hunger Games”. She has won the Academy awards, Critic’s Choice Movie Awards, and Golden Globe Awards for best actress in Silver Linings Playbook and the Screens Actor Guild Awards for outstanding performance by the female actor. She has also won Critic’s Choice Movie Awards for the best actress in action movie the Hunger Games. Apart from her acting skills, she has also been marked as among the most influential and beautiful personalities. Her upcoming projects are “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” and “X-Men: Days of Future Past”. We wish her best of luck with the upcoming projects because we really admire her.

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