Top 10 Traits of a Successful Freelance Writer

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Freelance writing is a wonderful way to express one’s talent for writing. Through writing, one can convey what one believes in and spread awareness about various issues too. Whatever types of freelance writing that one chooses, being a successful freelance writer takes special traits. With many blogs and online media emerging, those who have a skill to say something with some wit and clarity, or in whichever way they feel suits their style, they can get a good chance of earning a decent living too. Which of these you think you have and which is a trait you think can be added to the list? Here are the top 10 traits of a successful freelance writer:

Top 10 traits of freelance writer

Top 10 traits of freelance writer

1. Passion for Writing

To be a successful freelance writer merely having a computer or a laptop with an internet access and writing skills is not enough. There has to be a passion inside a person to write what he or she thinks is right and will inspire or inform others. Whatever it may be that a freelance writer is writing about, it has to come directly from the heart. This is something that will generate audience for his or her work and gain good reputation and credibility in any given genre of writing.

2. Communication and Clarity of Thought

That which will directly communicate whatever a freelance writer thinks requires not only clarity of thought, but comprehensive writing too. The art of articulation is something that can be best reflected in one’s writing skills with precision and structured writing. This is something that helps convey the ideas accurately without any confusion. A successful freelance writer has clarity in his or her writings that not only fulfill what a blog might look for in a writer, but also what the audiences will yearn to read as soon as possible.

3. Having a Personal and Unique Writing Style

Writing uniquely is something that will make a freelance writer distinguished in his or her work. Hence, a successful freelance writer never blindly follows what the trends are, but will aim to start a trend of his or her own making that will inspire others to make the same move. It is not that he or she should not learn from the examples of others, but should never do a thing because everyone else is doing it. Hence, being a trend setter in the writing world makes a successful freelance writer lead ahead. Besides, this also gives one a personal writing style that assists in increasing one’s success at work.

4. Knowledge of a Target Audience

To write appropriately for a website or a service a freelance writer is working for, he or she should know the needs of the company. Understanding what is really necessary to make things work for a company will help a freelance writer be successful at his or her work. Hence, a successful freelance writer always has knowledge of the target audience and their demands to deliver accordingly keeping the expectations in check.

5. Attitude and Approach towards Writing

Another trait that makes a successful freelance writer is one’s humility. Because no matter how hard one has tried and given the best one could in writing a piece, one does not always get the same response one expects. Hence, a certain level of humility will keep things in place for a successful freelance writer that not always things work out the way one wants them to. When a piece does not receive a required response, a successful freelance writer accepts shortfalls with humility and tries to improve for the next time. Right kind of attitude and approach towards writing and work is an essential formula for success.

6. Regular Writing

One of the most important traits that a successful freelance writer has is that not a day goes by in which he or she has not written anything. Writing is a passion for a writer, and to be successful at it, one has to keep using one’s writing skills to the best of one’s abilities. Success comes through working hard and a freelance writer who keeps an aim at being successful will never lose sight of the tools that help him keep ahead in the game, which is writing passionately. Also writing regularly will hone one’s writing skills and keep the required flow of enthusiasm.

7. Having a Work Plan and Work Ethic

A successful freelancer writer always keep in mind what he or she is aiming at so that there be nothing left out that he or she might regret to cover later. Despite any human error one is bound to make, a successful freelance writer take extra precaution to be good at his or her craft. Hence, having a proper work plan is very much essential for a successful freelance writer that shows he or she is a determined person with strong work commitment. It will also help to follow deadlines, have respectable work ethic and maintain professional outlook.

8. Working with a Right Strategy

Having a working strategy is something that makes things work not only for an organization, but also for an individual who is goal-oriented. Making a career in writing is not easy. It only happens when one create strategies and knows where one is going. Hence, a successful freelance writer has not only a work plan for a piece of writing, but has a career plan for where he or she will take his or her writing skills to. This makes him or her work in an organized manner, which then results in a better performance, with a goal in mind for the future.

9. Keeping Up-to-Date through Reading

Keeping up to date with not only what is happening around the world, but what is happening in the field one is working in is of paramount importance. Hence, a successful freelancer writer reads books not only to expand his or her vocabulary that will enhance writing skills, but will also assist in exploring new ideas and better methods. Who knows what can click right and make a thing work even better!

10. Maintaining Good Reputation and Rapport

Having integrity and professionalism is a prerequisite for an honest image and a good reputation. A successful freelance writer maintains relations with his or her clients or a company he or she is working for through delivering on time and before any deadline expires. Building an excellent rapport gives a freelance writer the edge that takes him or her to places one dreams of and aspires to. Therefore, being a successful freelance writer is something that takes efforts from within.

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