Top 10 Most Dangerous Habits You Should Avoid

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Things that you do daily as a part of your routine, things you have adopted consciously or unconsciously, things you do when you don’t have anything else to do, things that you do when you are worried, all of these habits have strong effect on your health, life expectancy, personality and quality of life. They define you.

Self-evaluation of one’s habits is important. It helps you decide which ones to keep and which ones to discard to make yourself a better person. Healthy habits make a healthy person.

If you have any of the following habits than I hope that this article makes the alarm ring loud enough to wake you up from the slumber.

It is not easy to let go of habits but knowing the detriments can help you stay strong on your way to shed them off. Here we have Top 10 Most Dangerous Habits You Should Avoid to secure yourself and your environment from different damages.


10. Nail Biting

Nail Biting

You have been asked to avoid this habit right from your nursery. The reason is obvious. The germs in your nails can cause many problems. More over your nails might become infectious. This habit also ruins your personality and you seem weak and without confidence. If this habit accompanies you in your youth and even after graduation then forget about getting through your job interviews.


9. Putting mobile phone under your pillow

Putting mobile phone under your pillow

Researchers have advised to avoid putting your cell phones under your pillows or anywhere near your head and also in your front pockets. The strong rays that this device emits every time it rings or vibrates can cause generation of cancerous cells.


8. Snacking without being hungry and eating junk food

Snacking without being hungry and eating junk food

If you are not hungry then there is no point in eating. Try to learn the difference between getting bored and getting hungry. The whole bunch of chips, biscuits or popcorn’s that you just ate and not even considered as a part of your daily diet, are not just “nothing”. They have calories and they count. They ruin your appetite for the actual meals. And there is a reason why burgers and pizzas etc. are called junk food. So eat healthy food on time and stay young. Start taking balanced healthy diet with proper intervals before your family has to call a crane to pick you up.


7. Skipping breakfast

Skipping breakfast

Girls pay attention and read this carefully ‘skipping breakfast isn’t making you skinny’. After the whole night your body needs food to keep its systems working. If you don’t take your breakfast you will remain lazy throughout the day and even hungrier and then you will have to eat more. Getting good nutritious breakfast helps you glide beautifully through the day. Remember the proverb “Eat breakfast like a king”.


6. Studying late at night

Studying late at night

Don’t feel pity on yourself for staying up the whole night to study because it has done no good to you. According to research, studying late at night causes more trouble in remembering stuff rather than help. Nights are meant for sleep and days are meant for work. That’s how the nature has designed our body and that’s what our body needs. So stop going against it and instead of blaming the examiner for your bad grades, wake up early in the morning, pull up your socks and study because it is the best time for your mind to absorb.


5. Drinking water during meals

Drinking water during meals

Remember your grandmother asking you not to drink water while eating? While it wasn’t just based on her old believes it is scientifically proven that drinking water during meals causes indigestion and, according to some people, even obesity. The reason is the neutralization of acids in the stomach that are meant to digest food.


4. Excessive use of computer

Excessive use of computer

People today are more like zombies feeding on technology. We like living in the virtual world way more than the real world, because our work, enjoyment, socializing and relaxation all are related to computers. But this comes with dire consequences of sedentary lifestyle and excessive exposure to the rays that harm not only our eyes but also our brain. The movies and pictures that we see on our computers are made up of many pixels which are taken inn, in the form of discrete packets of data; this data then reassembles in our brain. All this makes our brain as well as the body all worked up.


3. Use of mobile while driving

Use of mobile while driving

It is very important to be vigilant during driving not only for your safety but also for the sake of other people’s life. Remember you are not a monkey having two brains; you just have one and while driving you need to use all of it to keep your eyes on the road. The life of your family sitting in the car with you depends on it. Road accidents have been the cause of many deaths, leaving many families to mourn the irreparable loss. If you are such an important person that missing a single call may cause an empire to fall down, then use Bluetooth and keep the call short. Drive safely.


2. Smoking


How many times have you heard or read “Smoking is injurious to health”, probably a gazillion times. If still, you don’t understand it than, God be with you. For some young lads smoking might be the coolest thing that enhances their personality but let me make it clear to you, ‘girls don’t like smokers’. Smokers are not a living hazard for themselves but for all the people who, unfortunately have to live with them because passive smoking is even more dangerous. The high amount of tobacco and nicotine that goes into your blood with each puff causes lungs to squeeze down, breathing problems and even lung cancer. It highly reduces you appetite causing even more damage. So before you turn into a blood coughing skeleton stuck in the bed, quit smoking.


1. Drugs

drugs most dangerous habit we should avoid

Doing drugs has never been fruitful; it always gets you into hot waters. The most dangerous habit that one may have is this one. You may think the worst consequence that can come up is death but let me warn you the death may be a better option compared to the miserable life of those who do drugs. Different drugs affect differently on our body, some reduce our metabolism rate while some increase it to very high level. Whatever the case may be, human body is a complex machine and if any machine works below or above its optimum level than the life expectancy reduces. The world is beautiful, full of all the adventures, tasty food and colorful experiences so why take drugs to get these feelings when you can have them by just looking around?

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