10 Worst Computer Viruses of All Time

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Have you ever experienced a computer virus? If your PC or laptop has ever been infected with a virus, then you know this can be quite frustrating. Viruses can really damage your computer. Unfortunately, malicious worms, Trojans, and software are increasing. Spammers, hackers and security specialists are constantly seeking for new options to steal data from user’s accounts, etc. Make sure you protect your operating system correctly; failure to do so may lead to a wide variety of consequences that may be hard to reverse. If you don’t want your personal or business computer to become infected, read on. Below you will find a list of the 10 worst computer viruses of all time:


10 Worst Computer Viruses of All Time


10. Melissa

This virus was created in 1999 by David L. Smith. It was one of the first viruses to attract public attention. Based on a Microsoft Word, Melissa was sent as an attachment in an email, and whenever someone opened it, this was sent to 50 addresses. Its creator was sentenced to 20 months in jail and paid a fine of $ 5,000. This macro virus deactivated and modified options of Word documents that were used. It came like a word processor document included in an email. Its spread was very fast.


9. I Love You

This worm that spread from the Philippines in 2000 was initially distributed by e-mail, but later, it also circulated through online chats. It is estimated that it generated a loss of around 10,000 million dollars, although its creator was never sanctioned because it was not clearly identified. All in all, users were flooded with “I Love You” messages that were later forwarded to their contact list.


8. Klez

It was created in late 2001. This virus was a precursor of a new generation of malware, as it could act as a worm or Trojan. It could also disable antivirus scanning tools, and pose as a virus scanner. It was also the precursor of spoofing, a form of spam that replaces the name of the sender. Not so long ago, this dangerous starred in almost 18 percent of the attacks carried out on users’ computers. To achieve this, Klez used “social engineering”, which lets up in many forms, and took advantage of a known security hole in Internet Explorer to run automatically by opening the preview of the email message.


7. Code Red and Code Red II

This consists of two separate worms that exploited a security hole in Windows 2000 and Windows NT. Computers infected by the first dug a DDoS attack against the White House servers. The second, created a backdoor in the infected computer, which the user lost control of the machine. This virus attacked many Microsoft Servers and in 2001, it infected around 370 thousand computers, leading to overload and a variety of issues.


6. Nimda

This virus appeared in 2001, known as the fastest-growing of all times. It only took 22 minutes to get out to the Internet and lead the lists of attacks. Although many home PCs infected, Nimda was programmed to attack Internet servers, in order to collapse the web traffic. It propagation techniques were varied. Within its infection vectors we find: emails, networks, browsing, etc.


5. SQL Slammer / Sapphire

This is a virus that in January 2003 caught many off guard security systems, which has since prepared emergency plans. It infected systems from companies like Continental Airlines and ATMs of Bank of America, as well as half the servers supporting Internet traffic. A country like Korea was temporarily cut off from access to the Internet.


4. MyDoom

This is another virus that created backdoors, and had several waves in 2004. It was also able to collapse multiple search engines, which search requests sent. At its peak, one in every 12 e-mails circulating on the Internet got infected with MyDoom.


3. Passer and Netsky

These two worms created by a young German of 17 years, Sven Jaschan. Being a minor saved him from further punishment, but his two creations continued expanding creating their own variations, and causing many losses and inconvenience.


2. Leap-A/Oompa-A

Not even Mac users were immune from this threat, even though Apple is proud that its operating system is shielded against the virus. Leap-A was expanded in 2006 through the iChat messaging program, where he commanded a corrupt file image format for all contacts. It caused great damage but also showed that Apple may be vulnerable.


1. Storm Worm

This Trojan spread in late 2006, infecting zombie PCs, which happened to be controlled remotely to send spam or steal information. With its many versions, it is considered one of the most widespread viruses in history, although it is difficult to detect and remove an antivirus cor. The Storm Worm started infecting thousands of computers in USA and in Europe. It would use a subject line about climate disasters.

After the above round-up to the worst computer viruses you should feel ready to go. It is imperative to be aware and protected. At times, when attachments are opened, malware spreads everywhere. Become familiar with specifics and avoid falling for unknown software threats.

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