10 Best Stocks to Invest into for – 2013

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Investing in stocks especially if your luck favors you, is perhaps one of the quickest and sure shot ways of earning good cash. Now deciding which stocks to invest in is no child’s play – no pun intended ofcourse – because one wrong move and you empire of hopes and dreams might come crashing down. If you remember in the season FRIENDS, how Monica – who played a main character in the season – invested in stocks that resembled more to her names’ initials than anything else. Well what happened in return was that she ended up borrowing and owing more money than she earned resulting in a total loss-loss situation for her. What you need is a good advisor to guide you about the various stocks and such advisors take lots of money. Since are always concerned for the happiness of our readers we thought we might give you a researched list of the top ten stocks that you can invest in for 2013 this saving you the trouble of getting an advisor and just offering everything on a gold platter. Let us dive straight in so that all of you can start making money eh!

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10. Apple Inc

Apple now doubt is the best company to invest into as far as stock is concerned. We have seen that the demise of the father has not affected the profits of the company all too much and it has been showing progressively positive results so far. There is no reason it should not continue to do so for 2013. So your safest bet in this list of best stocks will most certainly be Apple Inc. The stock goes on the market as AAPL.

9. Google Inc

Just to state as a matter of fact – have you ever had a chance to look at the company’s headoffices here and abroad? Because if you have, it should give you quite a clear idea as to what we are saying when we say that this is another good company who’s stock should be on every investors mind. Time is of the essence ladies and gentleman – chop chop! The stock goes on the market as GOOG.

8. Facebook Inc

If we talk about stock that is a bit risky then we are kidding ourselves. Because there is no such thing as an risk-free stock investment. So here’s too that! Sure we heard initially that Facebook ready but recently it has gained quite a large number of profits making it another on the best stocks to ivest in for 2013. The stock goes on the market as FB.

7. Yahoo! Inc

The new CEO of the incorporation has taken important and measured steps to ensure that the profits starts rising and the efforts are proving to be beneficial or we wouldn’t have listed it as one of the best stocks for this year. The stock goes on the market as YHOO.

6. Gilead Sciences Inc

This company has been selected in the best 10 S&P awards twice now. No wonder the stock is currently priced at $74.40, marking the lowest at $36.98 and the highest price at $76.28. Speculations are that it might go upto $82.50, all the more reason to invest. The stock goes on the market as GILD.

5. SPDR Gold Trust

It has a capital of 70 billion US dollars and this is good news for all of those who are looking to invest into gold companies. So if you are willing to take just the right amount of risk – which is never too much wherever gold is concerned, then this is the stock for you this year. The stock goes on the market as GLD.

4. Moody’s Corporation

For people who are looking to invest into companies whose stock stays below the $50 marks and yet the company pays good dividend of almost 103%, then MCO is the stock for you! The highest stock price was $49.50 and the lowest was $32.27.

3. Comcast Corporation

The stock goes on the market as CMCSA and as been on the hit list of investors for the previous year as well. There is little or no reason that the stock won’t do good in 2013 which is precisely why we have it on number three on our list of the top ten stocks to invest into for the year 2013.

2. Arlington Asset Investment Corporation

The last two stocks on this list that we will be recommending to you is based on the highest dividend yield. This stock goes in the market as AI.N and pays a dividend yield of 13.70%. Pretty good investment eh?

1. Windstream Corporation

Last but certainly not the least, this stock which goes in the market as NASDAQ: WIN is probably one of the best as far as investment options and dividend yields go. The yield is 12.20% making it perhaps the number one stock to invest into this year!



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