Top 10 Best Father's Day Quotes

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Father is one of the two most important people in child’s life. Top 10 Father’s Day quotes and sayings are different for every child as everyone sees his or her father differently even if they share same father.

History of Father Day

Four U.S. presidents are responsible for inventing this holiday and giving it an importance of public observance. In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson gave his approval to the idea of having a day to celebrate and honor fathers. In 1924, President Calvin Coolidge announced that people would celebrate third Sunday of June month as father day. In 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson officially announced that every government office should fly the flag on this day. In 1972, President Richard M. Nixon signed the proclamation to make father day as a national holiday of public observance. Since then every 3rd of June month is observed as father day and families of U.S. honor their fathers on this day. People celebrate this day with their father by spending time together, buying a gift or by writing a nice quote on his Facebook wall or on a greeting card. Here are some of my favorite fathers day quotes and you should choose one of the best which best describes your father…


10. Anne Bradstreet

To Her Father with Some Verses

Most truly honored, and as truly dear,
If worth in me or ought I do appear,
Who can of right better demand the same
Than may your worthy self from whom it came?
The principal might yield a greater sum,
Yet handled ill, amounts but to this crumb;
My stock’s so small I know not how to pay,
My bond remains in force unto this day;
Yet for part payment take this simple mite,
Where nothing’s to be had, kings loose their right.
Such is my debt I may not say forgive,
But as I can, I’ll pay it while I live;
Such is my bond, none can discharge but I,
Yet paying is not paid until I die.


9. Louisa Mansfield

DADWhen I was born, you were there to catch me when I fall,
Whenever and wherever, when I said my first words,
You were there for me, to teach me the whole dictionary if need be.
When I took my first steps, you were there to encourage me on.
When I had my first day at school, you were there to give me advice and help me with my homework.
I still haven’t finished school, or walked down the aisle, or had my first child.
But I know you will be there for me through all these times and more,
The good one and bad one, so I just wrote this to say


8. Emily Dickinson

Tis One by One — the Father counts —

‘Tis One by One — the Father counts —
And then a Tract between
Set Cypherless — to teach the Eye
The Value of its Ten —

Until the peevish Student
Acquire the Quick of Skill —
Then Numerals are dowered back —
Adorning all the Rule —

‘Tis mostly Slate and Pencil —
And Darkness on the School
Distracts the Children’s fingers —
Still the Eternal Rule

Regards least Cypherer alike
With Leader of the Band —
And every separate Urchin’s Sum —
Is fashioned for his hand –


7. Jim Valvano

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give to another person, he believed in me.”


6. Anjaneth Garcia Untalan

“The greatest thing a FATHER can do to his children is to love their mother.”


5. Bartrand Hubbard

“I’ve had a hard life, but my hardships are nothing against the hardships that my father went through in order to get me to where I started.”


4. Wilhelm Busch

“Becoming a father isn’t difficult, but it’s very difficult to be a father.”


3. Ashleyhk

A father is… He will always love you no matter what!!
He will always believe in you.
He is the one person you can look up to.
He will always love you no matter what!!


2. Molaire Jules

Dad, I know you’re not a daddy, but thanks for being ‘A Father’
Where I would I be today, if you weren’t in the house?
What happiness would my mother have, if you weren’t in her life?
Thank you dad, for being my father,
Thank you, dad for being in the house.


1. Yael

I love you very much and I miss you every day
You don’t have to be deceased or dead to make me feel
That way its been over a year since the last time I saw you
Hoping you would call or maybe leave a message too
Since then you haven’t talked to me not a single word you live not far away,
Just a neighborhood state but that might as well be China
With how often that we meet
I love you very much but its hard to feel you love me too
With you so far away
I miss the times we were together and even when we weren’t
Because I knew before the day was out
You would be home once more
With you 2 mad and your 3 kids sad being not so close to you
It feels we never have a clue as to when we will see you next
I love you dad even if your gone for now
But I just wish you would call or be with us somehow.


These are top 10 Best Fathers Day Quotes, which can be used as per your relationship status with your father.


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