10 Gadgets That Will Make Mom's Day

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It doesn’t take much to make mom or mother happy, a smile, a lovely chat or just brewing a cup of coffee will do. But as children start growing, they like to say thanks to their mothers for bringing them into this world and loving them unconditionally and what can be the best way to say thanks to your mom by gifting her some gadget which will make her work easier and connect her with the ever changing world. If you are planning to gift her something, here are top 10 gadgets that will make mom’s day for sure…


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10. Watch with heart rate reader

Watch with heart rate reader
A simple but an important gadget for every mother to have; whether she is a jogger or not? This wrist watch will keep her heart under watch and keep her informed about her heart health.


9. Smart shopper

If your mom handles all her grocery shopping herself then the best gadget you can give her is smartshopper. It is a gadget that will keep record of all her shopping needs. While cooking or working at home, she can keep typing in it and print a list before going shopping.


8. E-Reader

If your mom is fond of reading, then giving her this new electronic gadget is just so important to keep her connected with the modern world. She can still keep her favorite hobby and look trendy at the same time.


7. Digital frame

Digital photo frame
Almost all mothers love to collect their children and family’s photos and put them just about everywhere; on walls, on refrigerator, on wall unit. Buying a digital photo frame is one of the 10 gifts that will make mom’s day for sure. Digital frame will help her keep all her photos in an organized way. It comes with internal memory, touch screen and chargeable battery. It flips photos one by one on the frame like a computer screen. It will make an attractive center piece also for her living room. Find out online or offline a good digital frame which will suit your pocket and preferences.


6. Laptop bag

Laptop bag pink
If your mother already has a Laptop than gifting her stylish, compact laptop bag will be just perfect for her. Laptop bags come in different colors and textures. Although a leather laptop bag will suit almost all mothers but buy one as per your mom’s style and preference, after all who knows her more than you.


5. Digital camera

Digital camera
Digital camera is one of the many necessary gadgets your mom should have, especially if she loves to click. Almost all mothers love to capture memorable moments of their children, grandchildren or their favorite nephews and nieces. A digital camera can make a perfect gift for mother’s day. She will be able to click and upload her photos on social networking sites quite frequently then.


4. Photo Printer

Photo Printer
Whether your mother works from home or loves to collect beautiful pictures and photos from any source; buying a photo printer will really be thoughtful. She can be downloading or creating pictures in her computer and print them in colored or black and white. Printers which are attached with scanners are more useful than a normal printer. She can even use it as a source of income too.


3. Mobile phone

Mobile phone
A Smartphone that suits your mother’s need and style can be one of the 10 gadgets that will make mom’s day. As mothers get attached with their belongings and do not like to change them frequently, it is a possibility that your mom also using her mobile for long now and she is not aware of new models in market which can make her life easier. Gifting her smart phone will be ideal for her. As mobile phones vary in functions and features it may be a bit complicated for your mother so you will have to be very specific with the store keeper while choosing a phone. And take some time to teach her some functions yourself.


2. Tablet

Tablet for mom - gifts for mothers
A tablet is a combination of a mobile phone and a computer. It comes in different size that varies from 15 to 25 cm and you can buy one with the preferred length and width.Working women and housewives both prefer touchscreen gadgets more than the keypad ones, so it is usual that they will also love to have a tab in their purse. As women do not like to carry expensive things in hand or pocket, they keep them in their purse. As a tablet is also an expensive accessory you will have to take some precautions such as size, weight, design etc. it should be perfect to make a gift for your mother but make sure it is not very bulky and big in design.


1. Laptop Computer

Woman and young girl in kitchen with laptop and paperwork smilin
It is time to bring a big update from mom’s standard PC to Laptop in her life. She can use it while sitting in the garden or terrace; it will make her life much interesting. Make a big and flashy icon for Facebook and your email before giving it to her. It makes the perfect gift for mother’s day or on her birthday, it will not only keep in touch with her family and friends but very soon she will be sending a friend request to you on Facebook. Do you still think this is the best gift for making your mom’s day?, If you are having a tough time deciding which laptop you should but your mom  then here we have a list of top 10 best laptops to buy in 2013


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