10 People You Probably Didn’t Know Were Black

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Evaluating a person based on their colour is today linked to racism and banned in most countries but looking back in history you would be surprised to find many mixed race individuals who gained immense popularity. Being black of mixed race has considered a major benefit in some nations where as in others the stigma linked to having connected with black race is frightening. In history we get many examples of people with black blood mix with their genetics, here is the list of 10 people you probably didn’t know were black…


10. Alexandre Dumas

Alexandre was the general in Napoleon‘s force was born in present Haiti. He had a white father, who was an aristocrat and a black mother who was a slave. Dumas was raised by his father in France where he was exposed to multicultural society and got his education there. He achieved mastery in sword and became a great fighter. He earned his respect and promoted till the rank of general in Napoleon’s army. It is believed that Napoleon was envious of his height, strength and skills. Later his son Alexandre has written about him in his novel, “The three musketeers”.


9. Anatole Broyard

Anatole was born in 1920, his parents light-skinned black. But he never disclosed his real identity to anyone. He took advantage of his light skin to get recruited in US army. His wife, children and his friends didn’t know about him being black. It is not clear why he concealed his real race from others but it may be because of the discrimination against black at that time. In 2007, his daughter disclosed the fact in her book about him.


8. Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell all time famous writer who is a national magazine award winner, had Jamaican mother and white British father. He got so much inspiration for his writing because of his mixed background. In his writings, he exclaimed the differences between Africans and West Indians. He many times talks about his childhood memories of his both side ancestors. It is obvious in his writings that he felt discrimination due to his mixed background.


7. Carol Channing

Carol Channing
Carol was a famous star and a successful gay activist. When she found out about her genetics of being black, she was already a big star. But she never actually talked much about it. Once her mother had a disagreement with her and told her that if she ever tries to have a baby it might come as black because her father was a light-skinned black. Carol Channing remembers that how her father used to change his accent when he was with his white friends.


6. Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz
Pete Wentz although never tried to hide his ancestry but he said once that his mother being a Jamaican was his only regret. He spent his childhood in Jamaica and made his career in as rock star which turned out well.


5. Soledad O’Brien

Soledad O’Brien
Soledad O’Brien is born to black Latina mother and white Australian father. She was brought up in a way that she should be proud of being the first mixed generation Americans. She studied journalism and fought for equal rights. She considers herself as black though her father is white and she is married to a white man; she exclaimed right that the way you perceive yourself matter not the way others perceive you.


4. Queen Charlotte of England

Queen Charlotte of England
In 18th century a painting of Queen Charlotte; wife of King George III, brought a debate that her facial features look so much like someone from African background. It looks like that she is a descended of a Portuguese royal family whose ancestry goes back to a 13th century ruler Alfanso and his lover who was from either an African or Arabian. Later by British royal family it was accepted that she was from African ancestry. Whatever is the case that means there is some mixed race even in British Royal Empire too? The family you can believe can fall into the category of 10 people you probably didn’t know were black.


3. Alexander Pushkin

Alexander Pushkin
Alexander Pushkin the father of the golden era of Russian literature was the great grandson of an Ethiopian Prince. Later his family moved to Russia where he joined army. He participated in many social reforms and his work came under scrutiny by Russian government. Later he was forgiven by Russian Czar. He wrote many poems and novels. His most famous work was a poem “The Bronze Horseman”. He died in 1837 due to the injuries of war. His novel about his Ethiopian great grandfather was also left unfinished.


2. Michael Fosberg

Michael Fosberg
Michael Fosberg who always played a white man role in all his movies, was shocked to find out that his father was a black man. He was brought in a higher class white family. When his parents got divorced, he came to know the truth that the man he considered his father was his step father. Later he went looking for his birth father. After knowing the truth, his whole perception was changed.


1. Alessandro de Medici

Alessandro de Medici
Alessandro de Medici was the first duke of Florence and he was the first black ruler of Italy; in fact he was the first African ruler in whole of Western Europe. He was born to a black maid and a teenager Giulio de Medici, later who had to be a pope. At the time of becoming the pope, he had to leave the position of the Duke so instead of election he appointed his son. Later when Emperor Charles V dissolved Rome, Alessandro was appointed as Duke again and emperor gave the hand of his daughter, who was also born out of wedlock to him, making them another royal family which can be considered among 10 people you probably didn’t know were black.


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  1. For further elucidation- read SEX AND RACE books: I, II, and III, by author, J. A. Rogers; ethnographer who’s rarely mentioned in present day discussion … Knowledge can HEAL !!

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