Top 10 Hottest Bollywood Debutants of 2013

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Bollywood is still hot churning out movie after movie and television show after television show. In order to keep the public’s interest they need to have fresh new talent to star in these venues. Of course that means getting the most beautiful starlets or debutantes to be featured. The newest wave of Bollywood stars are gorgeous to say the least and they’re being showcased here in this top ten list. Sure there is room for debate as there are more women in Bollywood than you can shake a stick at but here is a list of the most notable.


10- Huma Qureshi

Huma Qureshi 2013
It’s rare to find an actress with features that Huma Qureshi. She just really stands out from the crowd of debutantes. Having appeared in a number of films already she’s shown that she has what it takes and more. If she ever breaks into mainstream Hollywood movies she would probably shoot to the top of the star list.


9- Diana Penty

Diana Penty - 2013
Critics and fans agree that Diana Penty did a great job in her debut movie “Cocktail” even though that was released back in 2012 but we couldn’t resist ourselves to not to mention that name in this list of  Hottest Bollywood Debutants . She’s combined careers of modeling and acting that now are strong enough after her film debut to keep her in the running of top debutantes.


8- Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt cute
This extremely pretty actress got her exposure in the movie “Student of the Year”. She’s got showbiz in her blood as she’s actually the daughter of Mahesh Bhatt the director. That may have opened some doors for her but it’s her beauty and talent that are going to keep her there.


7- Ileana D’Cruz

Ileana D'Cruz hot
Pretty and cute at the same time, this actress made her debut in the movie “Barfi!”. From that one role she got so much exposure and acclaim that it set her off on the road to sure fire stardom. She’s another debutante who could crossover into Hollywood.


6- Esha Gupta

Esha Gupta hot
Esha Gupta is so beautiful it takes one to take a second look just to make sure one isn’t hallucinating. She’s been in a couple of films that have spotlighted her beauty and talent. She could easily break into Hollywood with the right representation and exposure, an achievement all Bollywood starlets would like to achieve.


5- Poonam Pandey

Poonam Pandey
You’ll be hard pressed to find a debutante as popular as Poonam Pandey. Starring in the latest movie b Amit Saxena called “Nasha” she’s coupled her new found stardom on the screen with that of her stellar modeling career. With the exposure from both industries it makes her a heavy contender in the celebrity of debutantes.


4- Vaani Kapoor

Vanni Kapoor
This woman is just stunningly beautiful and would be welcomed in front of the cameras no matter where she goes. A professional model with international acclaim. She’ll be appearing in flicks soon and that is where she’ll get tested for her acting skills.


3- Sasha Agha

Sasha Agha hot 2013
The rest of Bollywood had better be prepared for this actress because she’s still fresh and has some star power behind her. She’s the daughter of popular singer Salma Agha and that means she’s got a reputation to uphold. With fans having seen her grow up there are big expectations ahead and Sasha Agha has got to meet that challenge. It’s certain that she’s got so many years ahead of her that she can’t help but get better at her skills.


2- Tapsee Pannu

Tapsee Pannu 2013
She’s off and running in a new film and this actress is starring in the remake of the 1981 flick Chashme Buddoor.


1- Tamanna Bhatia

Tamanna Bhatia hot
This actress has had her ups and downs in the business but she’s never let them knock her out of the box. Instead she’s persevered to the point she can take on Bollywood again. She’s built up quite a fan following over the years and is now starring in a new film by Sajid Khan.


As you can see from the pictures of these Bollywood debutantes, India sure doesn’t have a shortage of gorgeous starlets rising. These actresses hands down eclipse anything from mainstream Hollywood regarding beauty and looks but there may be the challenge of raw acting talent to contend with. Looks aren’t everything in a role and being beautiful is one thing but carrying on a convincing role, a challenging role is another. Bollywood producers know that a pretty face can carry a movie or franchise just like the James Bond movie franchise, however making money and keeping the film industry rolling is of utmost importance in Bollywood. For these debutantes to crossover into mainstream Hollywood it is going to take a lot more than beauty to survive as Americans can be very critical of bad performances and a woman too beautiful might not be believed. These Bollywood debutantes are way more attractive than their American counterparts so only time will tell if the transition every occurs.


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  1. i really love to see diana penty in this list she is so beautiful and hot i really love her i am waiting for her next film please make a film you are the best in all the debutants love uuuuuuuuuuuu
    huma qureshi is good tooo like alia ilove alia and varun pair hate u parineeti she is ugly i never want to be negative but i dont like her

    love u diana penty

  2. you look like a fan of south Indian movies and I guess that is why south Indian actresses are ruling this list, anyways I really don’t think Poonam Pandey deserves to be on this list.. she’s just an attention seeker model on twitter..

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