10 Worst Ways to Die

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All of us deserve a peaceful, painless, and natural death such as dying in sleep and of natural causes. Regrettably, not all of us get a natural death. Worst ways to die vary amongst individuals, based on their experiences and fears. Although, there is no real measure to state the most traumatic ways to die, as there is no way that one can ask the person about his/her traumatic death. The following are a list of 10 worst ways to die composed by us

worst ways to die


10. Starving to Death

Starving to death can kill you painlessly and slowly when compared to dehydration, which kills a person in an extremely fast manner. Starving to death occurs when the body is not ready to take in new food; this could be due to a lowered immune system and it causes blurry vision, nervous and immune system breakdown, lower energy levels and uncontrollable pain while moving.


9. Death by Dehydration

Dehydration may occur in many ways and it is one of ways that most deaths occur worldwide. Dehydration may be caused to due to the inability of consuming liquids, profuse sweating, vomiting, and diarrhea. The symptoms of dehydration include muscle cramps, no tears, dry mouth, lightheadedness, heart palpitations, and nausea. One may die from dehydration in just a few days when compared to death by starvation, in which case one may survive for more than a month.


8. Life-Threatening Illness

Terminal Illness is not only one of the most common but also one of the worst ways to die, as one is well aware of the time that he/she has to live. One such illness to list is Cancer, a big killer worldwide. Life-threading illness puts an individual through sheer suffering, pain, and fear of death.


7. Falling

A bottomless fall is one of the worst ways to die. Falling is not only one of the most powerless ways to die, but also one of the most terrifying ways of death. An individual tends to feel so helpless when he/she falls from a great height because during a freefall, there is nothing to knock one out and secondly one is well aware of the fact that he/she is sure to hit the bottom so hard, that it is over and nothing can be done to save oneself.


6. Being Drowned

Drowning is one of the scariest ways to die, although the experience of being drowned is not painful when compared to being burnt, buried, or electrocuted (as told by those who had drowned and survived later and talked about their experience). The procedure of drowning takes only a few minutes, although it is deliberately a slow process where an individual understands what is happening to him/her. When an individual drowns, the body runs out of oxygen and thus the individual experiences a feeling of suffocation when the water tends to fill his/her lungs up, blocking airways. Thus, one gets into a cardiac arrest due to lack of oxygen and dies due to drowning.


5. Being Frozen to Death

No one in reality ever freezes to death because death strikes long before the body really freezes, although nevertheless it is one of the most painful and worst ways to die. When one is exposed to bitter cold, the body automatically tries to insulate itself by moving blood away from the fingers, toes, and skin towards its hub for conservation. As the whole body temperature begins to drop one experiences violent shivering due to cold and end up developing amnesia or lose his/her consciousness, and ultimately die due to severe hypothermia.


4. Being Suffocated

Suffocation may happen in a several ways, however for those who fear death by suffocation, the process where taking-in of air is restricted by covering the nose and mouth with a pillow, plastic bag, or hand is one of the freakiest and worst ways to die. Suffocation may also take place due to choking, seizures, inhaling carbon monoxide (released by cars), compression of one’s torso when in an accident, coming in contact with certain harmful chemicals, or in sleep when one’s breathing activity is stopped, or a person can induce suffocation by hyperventilating oneself.


3. Death by Shock/ Electrocution

Death by shock, commonly known as electrocution is one of the practiced forms of execution used by some countries to this day. Accidental electrocution occurs when one comes in direct contact with electrical outlets, gadgets, or plugs of high voltage, when around water. When electrocuted, one’s body tends to be burnt from inside and based on the voltage of shock it may take a few minutes/hours for an individual to actually die from this painful shock. Death in this case in fact occurs from the express contact of the electric current on to one’s brain and if the voltage is high, it could kill the individual right away.


2. Being Buried Alive

The mental effects of being buried alive are essentially worst than the physical, although the psychological effect is so brutal that being buried alive makes a cut into the list of 10 worst ways to die. The physical body shall ultimately run out of oxygen when buried alive and the body shall pass-out much before one dies. Psychologically, on the other hand, panic takes over the individual in such a manner that he/she is likely to crack his/her fingernails while trying to claw their way out of the vault/tomb in which they are imprisoned.


1. Death by flames

Death by flames in most accidental cases happens not by burning, but due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Being burned alive is one of the most worst ways to die as it is not only slow but severely painful as well. When one is being burnt alive, his/her blood vessels boil and the skin tends to cook due to the flames and thus the organs of the body tend to explode and cause a horrific death.


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  1. It isn’t the high voltage that kills, its the high current, or 100 mili amps is enough to kill a person i think. Even 9v batteries and 12v car batteries can kill, and they are very low voltages, but very high amps. Kinda depends on the situation, if the person is “grounded” and/or wet, and allows the current to pass thru the body and the resistance of the body (around 100k Ohms dry, 1k ohms wet) generates heat and burns everything inside of you.

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