America's Richest Celebrities – 2013

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When it comes to classifying someone as a celebrity it depends on what brings them to prominence in the public eye. It can be the areas of entertainment or sports or even politics and business but the bottom line is these people get the headlines.
That being said, the question of how wealthy these people are and who the top 10 richest American celebrities are comes into play. As one can see on this list, the top 10 cover a wide variety of occupations but their success and sometimes controversy brings them into the limelight whether they like it or not. So let’s look at the top ten richest American celebrities for 2012-2013 and remind ourselves this list can change at any time with the unpredictable markets and trends.


10- Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey is still in the top 10 with about $2.7 billion to call her own. She continues to grow in power and influence as she’s had over 30 years as a top celebrity and has become a national icon.


9- Donald Trump

Donald Trump
The Donald shows up at number 9 with about $2.9 billion in his pockets. The ever controversial Mr. Trump still hosts his popular TV show and has holdings in real estate and more.


8- Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg talks about his new film Lincoln
Steven Spielberg, Hollywood’s most beloved director comes in at number 8 with $3 billion in assets and there’s no telling what next he’ll bring to the screen.


7- Julia Louis

Julia Louis. richest celebspng
Funny lady Julia Louis-Dreyfus comes in at number 7 with a staggering $3 billion in wealth. How the Seinfeld co-star made this much money is unbelievable but she does.


6- Richard Branson

It’s a real spaceman in Richard Branson who’s Virgin empire has its own space division. He is doing all this with a modest wealth of $4.2 billion. With music and art and space flight under his belt, Richard Branson may yet top this list with his innovative approach to things one day.


5- Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani
Another fashionista mogul Giorgio Armani with an estimated wealth of $7.2-$7.5 billion. He has been designing and holding up the fashion industry for decades. The rich and powerful can’t wait to wear his works and his empire stretches far and wide.


4- George Lucas

Director Lucas arrives on the red carpet ahead of the screening of the film Cosmopolis in competition at the 65th Cannes Film Festival
The Force is definitely with Star Wars creator George Lucas who is worth an estimated $7.3-$7.8 billion and he just sold his LucasFilm company to Disney for a whopping mega billion dollar deal. Disney now owns two companies started by Lucas, LucasFilm and PIXAR. Lucas is so rich and has such a fan following that he could start a new outerspace sci fi property and it would be worth billions of dollars right out of the gate.


3- Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren comes in at number three with an estimated worth of $7.5-$7.7 billion. The fashion magnate and sports enthusiast has interests around the world making for quite a nest egg for the sports car fan.


2- Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg
Although he’s the mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg packs a wallop as a celebrity that not only is known for business, charities and other socially notable things but politics, entertainment and more. He’s worth anywhere from $17-$24 billion and his celebrity keeps increasing with his personal campaigns that often attract the press in big ways.


1- Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg
The wealthiest celebrity on the block isn’t a movie star or rock star but a computer geek who came up with an idea using the web for social networking. Yes, Facebook’s own Mark Zuckerberg tops this list with an estimated range of $14-$17 billion or more. He owns the controlling shares of his stock and through other marketing and investments. At this level of wealth he still has room to expand at an alarming rate if he plays his cards right.


Overall this list is going to be controversial. To see Julia Louis-Dreyfus on this list catches many by surprise however, many celebrities have investments that we don’t know about. When it comes to people like Mark Zuckerberg his income fluctuates because his Facebook stock and ancillary investments fluctuate as well. One day he may lose or make a billion. Ralph Lauren may come up with a new thing or Richard Branson may cut a new deal and the list of America’s richest celebs changes.


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