10 Best Deodorants for Women – 2013

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Imagine you are in a conference room and you are giving presentation. You are wearing a new, white blouse, and you suddenly feel that telltale tingle. You will immediately know that when you lift your arm to point at a graph on the screen, everyone will see the stain on your armpit. Or perhaps you’re on a date that is going well. You can’t wait for him to drive you home and kiss you goodbye. But when he leans in, all you can think of is whether he will be able to smell the faint hint of BO mixed with your perfume.

Finding a deodorant that will keep you dry and smell-free even in the most nerve-wrecking situations is a challenge for every woman. We analyzed hundreds of products, and this article will show you the 10 best deodorants for women in 2013.



10. Kiehl’s – Superbly Efficient Antiperspirant Deodorant Cream

Kiehl’s - Superbly Efficient Antiperspirant Deodorant Cream
This unique product from Kiehl’s is unscented and very gentle. It is a great antiperspirant and deodorant cream that also comes with some rather unique skin care benefits. Your skin will feel soft and soothed, and it guarantees protection against sweat for 24 hours. It uses micro-sized drying particles to absorb underarm perspiration and leaves no residues. It also softens the armpit hair, which leads to a smooth shaving experience. Price: $15.20 for a 1.7oz tube.



9. Secret Original Roll-on

Secret Original Roll-on
Most people we interviewed in our survey have been using Secret products since they were old enough to wear deodorant. “Secret” is a huge and solid brand on today’s market, and so is its Original Roll-on product. It’s simply the antiperspirant you can’t go wrong with. Price: $14.56.



8. Kiss my Face Lavender Liquid Deodorant

Kiss my Face Lavender Liquid Deodorant - best deodorants for women
This deodorant contains no aluminum, and the natural and simple ingredients it contains make it perfect for pregnant women. This deodorant does exactly what is supposed to do – protect you from unpleasant odors – and is among the most affordable ones in our top-ten list: only $22.14 for a 6-pack of 3oz. units.



7. Secret Clinical Strength for Sensitive Skin

Secret Clinical Strength for Sensitive Skin
This is yet another fine product from Strength. It provides three unique layers of protection (aka the “triple action technology”) for a complete protection against perspiration and bad odors. Its great price vs. quality rate put it on the seventh spot in our list. Price: $7.21.



6. Aloe Vera Gel from Jason Natural Cosmetics

Aloe Vera Gel from Jason Natural Cosmetics
One of the many perks of this antiperspirant is that it protects the skin around your underarms, which usually gets irritated from shaving. It is one of the few deodorants that has a strong soothing effect, and is really worth a try. The gel offers great protection all day long, doesn’t stick to your clothes and feels so natural that you would think you don’t have deodorant on. Price: $5.95.



5. On-Duty 24 Unscented Roll-on from Avon

On-Duty 24 Unscented Roll-on from Avon
Many ladies in our survey have called this deodorant “Avon’s best kept secret”. It is like “a small powerhouse” antiperspirant with an unbeatable price. It is great for day to day use, but not recommended if you need a stronger-than-usual deodorant. Price: $4.25.



4. Certain Dri Solid

Certain Dri Solid - best deodorants for women 2013
This is the perfect deodorant for excessive perspiration. If you have a sweating problem, try it – they guarantee that your armpits are going to stay 100% dry for the whole day. Price: $8.25



3. Mitchum Power Gel

Mitchum Power Gel - body sprays and deodorants for women
If you are allergic to the various inactive ingredients in the over the counter deodorants on today’s market, you are going to love the Mitchum Power Gel. It has the highest percentage of active ingredients on today’s market, doesn’t have an overpowering scent and dries very quickly. Price: $14.94



2. Secret Clinical Strength Sport

Secret Clinical Strength Sport
As the name suggests, this is among the most powerful deodorants out there. It doesn’t leave any residues and does what is supposed to do – protect you from sweat – no matter what you do throughout the day. It is a must-have for any woman with excessive perspiration problems. Price: $11.29 on Amazon.



1. Pristine Beauty Take a Whiff Natural Deodorant

Pristine Beauty Take a Whiff Natural Deodorant
This is a 100%-natural deodorant that comes in economic package – 3.25oz, which is around twice the size of regular spray containers. It is the only effective vegan deodorant on the market. A lot of ladies said that once you try this antiperspirant, you will never go back to conventional deodorants. Price: $15.71, and worth every penny.


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