Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries in the World – 2013

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Every evening the news informs us that we live in a dangerous world. However, that is no reason not to go and see it yourself. Many countries have their good points, even in the dangerous times. But crimes and hunger for power and money etc has now left no part of the world untouched. Usually a country becomes dangerous due to political instability and/or weak economical status. This leads to a vulnerable armed force which is open to various attacks by the terrorist groups and hence, as a result, the place becomes hard to reside into. The following countries are no different – though they may have some good points, but it might be wise to hold off on the holiday to them for a year or two anyway. below is the list of 10 most dangerous countries 2013



10. Honduras

Honduras Coup

Honduras has never been a particularly settled country, and in 2008 severe flooding destroyed or damaged almost 50% of the country’s roads. This probably aided in the political crisis which gripped the country in 2009, an action which the UN considered to be a coup.
It now has the highest murder rate in the world – 91.6 people in every 100,000 according to the UNODC statistics, making the risk of being killed 80 times higher than in Western Europe.



9. Niger

Niger - most dangerous countries 2013

Tourism to Niger is almost non-existent, in spite of the rich wildlife. This is due to the great risk of being kidnapped or murdered by terrorists or militant groups. This is particularly true in the capital Niamey, and the authorities seem largely powerful to prevent the violence and thefts.



8. Haiti

haiti-danger 2013

Haiti is subject to earthquakes, and has not managed to recover from the major earthquake which hit in 2010, and left a million people without homes. The degree of poverty endured by most of the population has made crime of all forms widespread. Added to which, the earthquake and its aftermath caused an outbreak of cholera which the country is still struggling to deal with.



7. Pakistan


Already this year, over 600 tourists have so far lost their lives, and almost as many have been injured. This threat is not helped by the corruption within the government and security services, which means that tourists are almost as likely to be arrested on false drug charges as they are to be kidnapped for ransom.



6. Yemen


It is difficult to see why a tourist would want to visit Yemen.
The Arab Spring protests have hit the country hard, splitting it into areas controlled by militant groups, many of which see tourists as either profits to be made through ransom demands, or as problems to be removed violently.



5. Sudan and South Sudan

Sudan and South Sudan war

In 2011, South Sudan became independent, which is part of the cause of the unrest in the area now, as the President of Sudan has advised that he is unwilling to negotiate with South Sudanese officials. Along with this conflict, the war in Darfur broke out. In short, the area is war-torn and avoiding militant groups is difficult.



4. Iraq

Iraq-most dangerous countries 2013

The War on Terror successfully removed Saddam Hussein as ruler. However, the new government is seen as being puppets of the foreign nations which invaded in that war, and so have been unable to stabilise the country. It is a very violent place, and there are attacks almost daily.



3. Afghanistan

Afghanistan - Dangerous places 2013

In the same way as Iraq, the situation in Afghanistan has only been made more dangerous by the War on Terror. This is not helped by the fact that the region is one of the greatest producers of heroin in the world – giving militant groups the funding to occasionally bribe the forces even of Western nations. Islamist groups and tribal wars make it a very unsafe destination even for the bravest of tourists.



2. Somalia

A policeman runs through burning vehicles at the scene of an explosion near the presidential palace in Somalia's capital Mogadishu

News of the pirates operating off the coast of Somalia tends to be all that the news reports. Unfortunately for the country, things only get worse once you head inland. In the capital, Mogadishu, there are frequent shootings, abductions and murders.



1. Syria

Syria - most dangerous countires 2013

The protests of the Arab Spring have affected Syria in much the same way as they did in Yemen, but here the crackdown on protests and riots has grown into a war between government and rebel protesters. This conflict has already claimed at least 60,000 lives, and created at least 650,000 refugees.
This ongoing civil war has earned Syria the place of being named the most dangerous country in 2013, and this does not seem likely to change soon. these things makes it the most dangerous country in the world 2013.
You must have frequently heard about all these countries on various news channels. They are open to so many attacks and living here might be a constant challenge for the citizens of these countries. In places like these, you are never sure that when would the school close next time, or when you’ll have to shut your shop. Moreover, you aren’t even sure that would you come back home alive in the evening or not! There is no guarantee for good education, successful business or a longer life. So hold off on the holiday for a bit, yeah?

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  1. panenexra

    This is d world research, everybody know what their country are up to and u should not say because ur country name are mention so u stain d poor country who doesn’t know anything about what they posting here

  2. BOUBACAR Soumana

    Try to investigate more, you’ll realize that you have made a very big confusion. Niger as a country is different to Niger Delta which is a simple state of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Thanks!

  3. BOUBACAR Soumana

    I type that cmment to say that Niger is not a dangerous country, as you wrote it in your comment. This information is far to be true!

  4. BOUBACAR Soumana

    It seemeed that on this eath, some of us specialized in only how to lie. How can an intellectual post this awful picture to describe Niger (in west africa). We don’t have this kind of yacht in Niger. So the world must know that, this is not the Republic of Niger (of President ISSOUFOU MAHAMADOU) perhaps this picture indicate the state of Niger Delta in Nigeria. So my fellow citizens, you have to notice that your country, your Niger is in peace. There are no terrorists groups, no militant groups in it, NIAMEY and all the other 7 regions are in peace.

  5. Syria was the forth country in safety in the world ,but not after US and UN invaded it with their terrorists which is AL Qaeda
    we promise we will fight for our land till the last breath and come back more stronger than before

    angry syrian

  6. Haiti is not prone to earthquakes. Since 1564, Haiti has had 8. Southern California on the other hand has 10,000 yearly. Also, cholera was brought to Haiti by Nepalese UN soldiers. The earthquake was not the cause of it. One more complaint….Haiti has the fewest homicides per yer in all of the America-Caribbean. Yes it has areas of violence that tourists shouldn’t travel to, but not anymore then inner city Chicago or Crenshaw, California. Get your facts straight before shedding Haiti in such awful light.

    • how dare are you saying that nepalese soldier left cholera there even nepal is not suffering from this kind of borne diesease ans UN checks all the military personnel while sending them so stop this nonsense

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