Top 10 Best Ways to Make Money From Home – 2013

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With today’s economy taking a bite out of just everyone, it comes to mind that one might look at working from home. It’s been done for years but today’s markets might call for some innovations that weren’t considered before. It’s all about not re-inventing the wheel but in looking at the opportunities around. There are quite a number of old school best ways to make money from home and some new ones. It’s all a matter of putting two and two together for your own particular situation.

First of all it’s a matter of knowledge and talent. If you have skills that you can produce a product at home and ship it out or have others stop by and pick it up you’re halfway there. A small home based business is a huge part of the way people do business and helps the economy overall. Here’s a top ten list of best ways to make money while sitting at home:


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10) Woodcrafting.


Yes, people still love those woodcrafts. From simple works to complex things like tables and cabinets, the at home craftsperson who has their own workshop can be quite the entrepreneur and establish a renown reputation too. You can make headboards for beds, tables, any number of goodies and from your very own home too.



9) Pet sitting.

Pet sitting

Some people pamper their pets to the ultimate. They can’t stand to think of their furry friends being inconvenienced at all. While they’re away at work or on vacation they won’t take them to kennels or leave the pets alone, no, they want someone to be there and keep an eye on them. Here you not only get a small business at home but if you love animals you get to play with them and make new friends. This type of small at home business can be year round and put a good amount of change in your pocket. It takes some extra responsibility but it’s a way to make money and have fun doing it.



8) Quilt making.

Quilt making

Believe it or not in this day and age people will go out of their way to get their hands on a homemade quilt. It’s because the home made versions last longer and are more comfortable than the store made. A fine quilt maker doesn’t have to rush. They know quality is the foremost and you have fun designing the quilt with the buyer. They buyer might have some cloth or pattern they want incorporated into the quilt and once done you’ve got not only a warm comforter but a work of art that will be in the buyer’s family for a very long time. It takes skills so one might want to take lessons. Some quilts can go for hundreds of dollars and the renown quilt maker can name their own price. It is possible to be booked up quick so pick your clientele wisely. You don’t want 10 jobs that pay $100 each when you can have 10 jobs that pay $1,000 each.



7) Repair work.


Fixing things is a daily endeavor and a major industry. People break things or some items need tweaking for better performance. From clocks to computers to even toys, the repair at home business is a bullwark of the economy. You’ll find at home repair businesses all over. Some just require a small amount of tools and some more. Some require certification especially for electronics so check up on that. The bottom line is once you’ve established yourself as a fine repair specialist you’ll get the work.



6) Consulting.

Consulting - make money from home

If you’re an expert in an area such as real estate, finance, etc., you can establish a home based business for it. Clients would come to your home for your own special form of consultation. This one on one consultation can become quite lucrative as your clients will return as well as recommend you to others. It’s what you know that can be turned into quite a revenue source so look at your credentials or brush up on a field of expertise and help other people from the comfort of your own home.



5) Counseling.


Again, if you’re a professional at something you can have your own counseling at home business! It doesn’t matter if it’s science, marriage, education, or fishing. Some counseling jobs may call for certification but you can check on that. Religious counseling comes into play here too. Having one or more clients sitting around while you’re having tea and sharing your knowledge is a very old at home business and one that contributes to the betterment of society as a whole. Some people don’t want to go to some cold office and get advice. A warm, well kept home can give that cozy feeling that relieves stress and anxiety. A good counselor can rely on years and years of regular clients and all from the comfort of your home. You’ll have to have the family stay out of the way though.



4) Working from home.


The top four following jobs are computer based but considering the availability and computer savvy public can adapt to this. So at number four there is being a virtual office! Yes, you can be a member of an office team using just your computer at home or even smartphone! That’s it! Companies will pay you to answer phone calls, do customer care and support and more. Your parent company may not even be in your own country either. Your job will be to do some sort of administrative work from your home.



3) Writing.


If you’re a good writer you can make a good income at home. Whether it’s writing for some clients to your own products like ebooks, once you get your A Game on you’ll find whether you can cut the mustard or not. If you can there are freelance jobs and more available. If you have the skill to write but need to brush up on it then take a writing course online or at a local venue. Once you’ve gotten your feet set you may well find it fun and rewarding.



2) Data processing.

data_processing - make money from home 2013

Again, a computer at home is like an office space to the world. There are companies out there that need fingers on the keyboards and for over a decade one of the top at home businesses has been just processing data. From doing spreadsheets to taking orders to far more advanced jobs you can find both big companies, government and smaller companies that need your services. Knowing certain well known software will help here and most is free or at a discount like Microsoft Word or Open Office.



1) Art!

Art from home to make money

Yes, if you’re artistically inclined from drawing, graphics, or music you can do quite well with an art business at home. Don’t let criticism from others dissuade you, just dig in there with the right equipment to produce the art. Clients may need a logo or some music for a project. The basic tools can be had for a modest price and software is very inexpensive or free. You’ll have to find clients but that is easy to do by perusing the web and picking jobs or advertising on message boards or using social networking. Things have gotten very easy on this end and the at home artist can make his or her own way.


I hope you liked our list of top 10 best ways to make money from home you can share your thoughts in the comments section below, Thanks for visiting this page.


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