10 Things to Make Your Mom Happy on Mothers Day

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Since Mother’s Day is probably the ultimate can’t miss holiday of the year, coming up with ideas to please mom is essential. Gifts don’t always cut it as mothers appreciate deeds more. Sure they’ll love that new coat or smartphone but maybe there are other ways to make mom happy on Mother’s Day. Here are top ten things to make your mom happy on Mother’s Day.

how to make mom happy


10.) Make up with a family member or mutual friend. Sometimes we get into a tiff now and then and become unforgiving over trivial things. If it’s a family member or friend that your mom cares about that can cause a bit of distress on her lines. She may have needled you to smooth thing out but you’ve been stubborn. Just swallow your pride and make amends and then let mom know you did it for Mother’s Day.

9.) Clean up around the house for her. Not just the regular vacuuming and so on but do something special like those long unattended things that are done once a year. Sort of like an extra Spring Cleaning for her. That will save her time and headache.

8.) Hook up her computer with all the bells and whistles she likes. Since you’ll know her favorite movie or musical group you can find wallpaper and computer themes that she’ll really enjoy. There will be wav sounds, links to neat stuff and more.

7.) Do something around the outside of the house. If there’s a garden go out and repair and tidy things up or get those hard to find gardening goodies that she’ll enjoy. There may be even garden gnomes that are based on her favorite cartoon characters. Dress it up and make her gardening fun.

6.) Tweak up her smartphone. These devices can be a challenge and tougher to set up than playing a high end video game. If mom isn’t tech savvy you’ll be doing her a big favor.

5.) Do some run around chores for her. If she’s got those run around chores coming up then offer to do them for the week. Shopping paying bills, maybe even picking up stuff for the church social. That’ll give her some breathing room time at home.

4.) It’s chef time for mom on Mother’s Day. She doesn’t have to cook on that day so either you do the cooking or manage your siblings. Take out should work well too. Get her favorites and watch the smiles begin.

3.) Groom the dog or cat! That’s right you can make her favorite furry friend look nifty by doing the grooming yourself or by dropping it off at the local pet grooming shop.

2.) Give her car the once over. From cleaning to a tune up, mom’s car is how she gets around or if not her car her bike or scooter. Getting in top shape means safer trips.

1.) Do the beauty shop thing. Take mom to the beauty shop for a brand new do or whatever she wants. Mom looking good make mom feel good.


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