Top 10 Sexiest Women of 2013

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Our viewers are in for quite a read this time as we have compiled a list of the Top Ten Sexiest Women of 2013. Admit it; this world is full of beautiful and gorgeous women. These pretty faces bring joy to us and fill our days with sunshine. Without pretty women, the world would definitely lose most of its charm. Some women have been bestowed with extra beauty from their Maker and this is what makes them truly gorgeous and sexy. While compiling this Top Ten List, we have not just accounted for the body structure and facial features, but we have also taken into account as to how these women carry themselves. In the end, Beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder and our Top Ten list of sexiest women of 2013  might not have the same impact on every reader. Brace yourselves,

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10. Deborah Ann Woll

Deborah Ann Woll hot

Though there are many fans of the HBO Soap Opera – True Blood, you have to admit that it grosses out a lot of people owing to the tons of plasma getting interchanged all the time between total strangers. However, people still watch the show diligently, and that is mostly because it has the stunning Deborah Ann Woll. The 27-year old actress plays the Vampire Jessica Hamby and looks truly stunning in her red hair. Deborah is a native from the Brooklyn area of New York and loves solving puzzles also having a reputation for being a bit of a geek. It’s hard not to look at her with those fangs and not get scared and aroused at the same time. Ahh … Now that’s True Love.



9. Cobie Smulders


Let’s just forget for a moment how Ted Mosby met his children’s mother and focus on Robin Scherbatsky – played by Canadian born Cobie Smulders. You won’t be able to meet such a quick-witted, funny and smoking hot lady as Cobie Smulders. Cobie started out her career as a model for different fashion magazines but quickly made her way into acting. She was so impressive that Joss Whedon – the director of Avengers had her play a small role in the film as the character Maria Hill. She was also earmarked to have been given the starring role of Wonder Woman but turned that down due to one reason or another.



8. Emily Blunt


Emily Blunt’s one time boyfriend Michael Buble’ was so mesmerized by Emily’s beauty and charm that he wrote a poem for her titled “Everything”. In this poem Buble went on the compare Emily to almost everything he could think of including a wishing well, a mystery, a swimming pool, a getaway car and even a species from outer space. We can conclude that Emily carries with her an air of complication. But you won’t find a more dedicated actress than her and this was proven by 2006’s hit The Devil Wears Prada where she went on a strict diet to portray her character as an anorexic model.



7. Amber Heard

Amber_Heard_sexiest women 2013

Are you feeling lucky eh? If not, get a load of this. Amber Heard owns a .357 Magnum – more like those Dirty Harry Guns. If that was not enough to give you a big bang, you should also know that Heard loves driving around in her ’68 Mustang and definitely has the need for speed. Based on her films and acting career, we can safely conclude that Heard’s favorite piece of clothing is her birthday suit. Was that enough to give you a big bang?



6. Kate Upton


Making her way into our number six slot on the Top Ten Sexiest Women of 2013 is the stunningly gorgeous and absolutely ravishing Kate Upton. In about a year’s time, Kate went on to land the MVP Role for Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition after having started out as a rookie. But she very rightfully landed her place on the cover and there is no doubt that she will be gracing the dorm rooms of many college students for years to come.



5. Angelina Jolie


We couldn’t have a Top Ten List of Sexiest Women and not include Angelina Jolie in it, could we? Jolie is everything that we want, a loose cannon, a wild spirit and a voluptuous Goddess. Even more, she is an Oscar winner and a mother of six children. Don’t miss her in the 2014 film, Maleficent.



4. Scarlett Johansson


No one could predict that this little button who hails from the northern part of New York City would ever turn out to become the starring role in Lost in Translation or the ass-kicker that we saw in the Avengers. Scarlett carries with her some serious acting talent and has a body to die for putting her on our number four slot.



3. Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston has been voted as the sexiest women of all time in 2012 according to Men’s Health magazine. No other female star has enjoyed such a prolonged time on different magazine covers all over the world and we doubt that there anyone else will. Even the commercials that she does these days go viral in no time.



2. Christina Hendricks

Christina-Hendricks sexy woman 2013

Christina Hendricks is what every man desires. That hourglass figure, those red blown up lips and a bosom everyone would love to get his hands on. The supporting star in NBC’s Mad Men has created a huge fan following and last season, the creators of the show had a large business deal hung in the balance of whether her character Joan Harris would sleep with a client or not. It was one of the most realistic moments of the series because her character is just that exotic.



1. Katy Perry

Katy_Perry_sexiest women 2013

Katy Perry’s breasts have managed to get pop icon status on their own. We give her the number one spot on our Top Ten List of Sexiest Women in 2013 not just because of jiggling ample rack, but her successful singing her career as well where she managed to turn a bad breakup into a hit album – Teenage Dream.


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