Top 10 Most Expensive Chocolates in the World

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Chocolate candies are delicacies that everybody enjoys. If money is not an obstacle to your happiness, feel free to buy one of the most expensive boxes of chocolate in the world for your significant other. We have built a list of the ten most expensive chocolates available on today’s market.



10. The Aficionado’s Collection of Chocolates

The Aficionado's Collection of Chocolates

This chocolate bar should be every cigar smoker’s delight. It is created by the reputable House of Grauer. These chocolates come in a variety of flavors, like milk, bee pollen, cinnamon or roasted hazelnut. Each bar is rolled in a cigar leaf, weighs a bit less than half a pound and costs $275.



9. Michel Cluizel Chocolate

Michel Cluizel Chocolate

From the French chocolatier Michel Cluizel comes the ninth most expensive chocolate in the world. The famous manufacturer is known for the line of assorted bars and their distinct, special taste. This expensive gift pack comes with 400 pieces of handmade chocolates wrapped in great design packages. The ingredients come from ten plantations scattered across the globe, some in South America and some in Africa. The cocoa in the chocolates ranges from 33 to 98 percent. Price per box is around $900, or around $350 per pound.



8. Delafee Chocolate Truffles with Pure Edible Gold

Delafee Chocolate Truffles with Pure Edible Gold

Delafee is famous for their line of exquisite golden gifts. This highly priced chocolate sold by them is made of cocoa beans, cocoa flakes and edible 24-karat gold. You will have to shell out 39 Euro for a box of two chocolates, which yields around $409 for one pound of these delicacies.



7. Godiva “G” Collection

Godiva “G” Collection

This newly introduced collection by Godiva features candies made of cocoa beans and a variety of other ingredients. The box is carefully wrapped in fine-quality silk, has a bright shade of red and is a perfect gift for a lady. Price: around $500 per pound.



6. Pierre Marcolini’s Chocolates

Pierre Marcolini Chocolates

From the famous chocolate factory in Brussels come the 6th most expensive chocolates in the world. A personalized box of the manufacturer’s finest delicacies costs a bit more than $550 per pound.



5. Criollo by Richart Chocolates

Criollo by Richart Chocolates

The most expensive products sold by Richart Chocolates are in the range of $700 per pound, even though cheaper ones are available. The Criollos are made of cocoa from the Chuao region in Venezuela, a country that is said to have the best cocoa in the world. These chocolates excel in full and complex flavors and will permeate your mouth with bitter yet sweet richness.



4. Gold and Diamond Chocolates by Cocoa Gourmet

Gold and Diamond Chocolates by Cocoa Gourmet

If you can afford to blow a small fortune on a bar of chocolate, this Royal Collection released by Cocoa Gourmet offers you real silver, golden and diamond chocolates. They will not only cater on your chocolate cravings, but also satisfy your luxury side. The box has 12 pieces, all wrapped in edible metals, 4 of gold, 4 of silver and 4 of diamond. Each chocolate has a soft layer of Swiss whipped frosting. The edible metals are certified by international standards in food industry. The box costs $1,250, which is around $790 for a pound.



3. Noka Vintages Collection

Noka Vintages Collection

These mouth-watering delicacies are made with single-origin, pure cocoa obtained from plantations in Trinidad, Venezuela, Cote d’Ivoire and Ecuador. The chocolates are pure, with absolutely no additions of artificial flavors or emulsifiers. A pound of Noka Vintages chocolates costs around $850.



2. Chocopologie by Fritz Knipschildt

Chocopologie - most expensive chocolates

Created by the famous chocolatier from Connecticut, this line of chocolates dates back from 1999. It is made of the finest truffles and topnotch cocoa beans, and is available only by order. A pound of Chocopologie costs a whopping $2,600.



1. Swarovski-studded chocolates by Harrods

Swarovski-studded chocolates by Harrods most expensive chocolates

These chocolates are among the most luxurious gift one could think of, and definitely the most expensive ones in the world. One box costs around $10,000, contains 49 pieces, is studded with Swarovski crystals and is hand wrapped in Indian silk. The box also has platinum and golden linings. Each piece in the box is padded with a crystal flower.


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