Top 10 Action Movies in 2013

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2013 will be a great year for action movie fans. A lot of good productions are already available in cinemas, while others are announced to hit the markets really soon. We have built a list of 10 action movies 2013 that you may not miss this year. You may also be interested in our list of 10 best action films ever made.

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10. The East

the east 2013
The movie features an operative for a private intelligence company who infiltrates a group of eco-terrorists known as The East. She finds her priorities shattered when she falls in love with the group’s leader. The lesson here is that complete, fanatical devotion may not be the best course of action. The movie will be featured in theaters starting May 31.



9. Fast and Furious 6

After the great blockbuster and four sequels, many would have thought that the directing crew had nothing new to come up with. Well, this is obviously false – Fast and Furious 6 will hit the cinemas on May 24, 2013. Dom (Vin Diesel), Brian (Paul Walker) and the rest of the gang are getting back together and are going to be tracking down an organization of lethally skilled mercenaries across 12 countries. The other five movies have already gotten us used to fast cars and dangerous adventures, and the sixth iteration promises not to disappoint us.



8. G.I. Joe Retaliation

gi-joe-retaliation-final-2013 action movies
This G.I. Joe sequel will be available in American theaters starting March 28 and brings new thrilling adventures for the elite military unit. This time they aren’t only fighting against the forces of Cobra, but will also be facing threats coming from within the very government.



7. Oblivion

Any movie that features Morgan Freeman should make it to any top-ten list, and Oblivion doesn’t contradict the rule. A veteran soldier is sentenced by the Martial Court to travel to a very remote planet with a mission to annihilate an ancient alien race. A mysterious traveler appears through, and makes him question everything he was told about the planet, the mission, and everything he knows about himself ultimately. Oblivion promises to be a perfect mix between action and Sci-Fi. In American theaters starting April 12.



6. Ender’s Game

Ender’s Game - best action movies 2013
In the near future, mankind fights the most horrific war against an alien race called the Formics. 70 years afterwards, Ender, a kid with unusual gifts, is sent to the Battle School, an advanced military facility in space to prepare for another invasion. He easily masters increasingly difficult war games and gets to distinguish himself and earn his peers’ respect. He will soon be appointed as leader of his fellow soldiers in a battle that would determine the faith of mankind and the future of the planet. Starring in theaters on November 1.



5. Elysium

Elysium movie 2013
The action takes place in the year 2159, when two social classes exist: the extremely wealthy ones, who live on Elysium, a luxurious space station, and the rest, who live on the ruined and overpopulated Earth. Secretary Delacourt (Jodie Foster) is the evil character who will go by all means to preserve the pristine lifestyle of the Elysium inhabitants, while Max (Matt Damon) is “the good guy” who takes on a life-threatening mission to bring equality between these worlds. In theaters starting August 9.



4. A Good Day to Die Hard

A Good Day to Die Hard 2013
John McClane (interpreted by the immortal Bruce Willis) is the star of the fourth sequel of the Die Hard action movie. The action takes place in Russia where he has help his allegedly wayward son, only to find out that he was a CIA operative involved in a mission to prevent a nuke attack. The father and son will then rally up against a powerful team of villains. The movie has hit the American cinemas on February 14.



3. The Wolverine

The Wolverine 2013
In this episode of the X-Men series, Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) travels to Japan to meet his archenemy and to test his physical, emotional, and mortal limits. Modern-day Japan is going to change his life, and bring us the thrills of a great action movie. If you are an X-Men fan, then you shouldn’t miss this sequel. In theaters starting July 26.



2. After Earth

After Earth 2013
A father and son crash on Earth, a planet that had been evacuated by humans 1,000 years earlier. They begin exploring the uncharted territory and run into evolved animal species that now rule the planet. Both must learn to trust each other and work together if they want to have a shot at returning home. In theaters starting June 7.



1. Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 - best action films 2013
Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is going to use his well-known ingenuity to track down and fight those who have destroyed his private world. In this sequel he will go against the most powerful enemy he has ever met: the Mandarin. Scheduled date: May 3 in the United States.

I hope all of you have liked our list of best action films 2013, please share your reviews in the comments section below.


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