5 Most Lethal Diseases that Have No Cure

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A disease is said to be incurable if there is no medication available to cure it completely. If, for instance, you have a stomach infection, you can take certain antibiotics and get rid of it in 3 days (depending on the specifics of your body and your immune system, it may take longer but, still, it does have a cure). Other diseases, like cancer or AIDS, still have no cure – there is medicine that ameliorates the condition and keeps the disease under control, but people never heal completely. This article will show you 5 of the most lethal diseases that have no cure in 2013.



5. Poliomyelitis

Poliomyelitis Virus
Polio is a viral disease that affects the nervous system and will lead to partial or full paralysis. There is a vaccine available, but once you have become infected with this virus, there is no cure. Polio can be fatal in infants and people with immune deficiencies.



4. Ebola

Ebola Virus
Ebola is a very severe kind of tropical fever that leads to hemorrhage and ultimately death. It is named after the Ebola river in Africa, where its origins are. Extensive research has been conducted to find an antidote, but the disease is still incurable in 2013.



3. Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic hormone disorder that makes your body become resistant to the hormone insulin. Even though diabetes isn’t lethal by itself, it does damage inner organs (starting with kidneys) and will, sooner or later, lead to other fatal conditions.



2. Cancer

Certain treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery can lengthen the life of a patient, but none of them are full-blown cures. If diagnosed in early stages, some forms of cancer can be cured, but these are only exceptions.




There is no known cure for AIDS – once you have contacted the HIV virus, the disease is incurable. All you can do about it is to keep an eye out on potential transmitting factors, such as unprotected sexual contact, injection drugs with unsterilized syringes, blood transfusions with infected blood or occupational exposure.


These are the five most lethal diseases for which a cure is yet to be found. We can only hope and pray that modern medicine will come up with something to save millions of lives.


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