Top 10 Video Games to Look Forward to in 2013

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For all you video game lovers out there, get ready for our List of Top Ten Video Games to look forward to in 2013. Many gamers will think that the end of the holiday season means the wave of new games getting released is finally over. But think again because the rush is just about getting started, the reason for this being that many new games that were expected to be launched by the end of the 2012 had their dates pushed ahead in the starting months of the New Year.
There are some great sequels to look forward to this year along with a number of titles that are set to make their debut on mixed platforms. Here is our Top Ten List of Most Anticipated Video Games to look forward to in 2013.

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10. Watch Dogs


Watch Dogs is the new and upcoming action adventure game being released on multiple platforms including PS3, Xbox 360 and PC by none other than gaming developer giants, Ubisoft Montreal. Demo Gameplay videos have already been released online and look absolutely ravishing with breathtaking graphics and a smooth game engine. Watch Dogs has all the right elements to propel it into the top rankings.


9. Sniper Ghost Warrior 2

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 - Video Games 2013

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 is absolutely going to blow your mind away. Even people who aren’t fans of first person shooters will fall in love with this title. The developers have taken special care to make sure that this title goes above and beyond all other first person shooter franchises out there. This is clearly evident from the never seen before game design and graphics, computer A.I, storyline, weapons and gadgets.


8. Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry 2013

Capcom’s Devil May Cry is one of the most well-known game titles of all time. Although the game lost some of its bite midway due to repetitive transformations of the main character Dante, Capcom has come with an entire new concept this time. What we see from the gameplay trailers and videos, the game is set in a fresh environment with brand new moves and skills for Dante.


7. Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3

The Dead Space series will see its third installment released for multiple platforms including the PC, PS3 and Xbox in the first week of February. The major difference between the first two parts and the new one is that unlike the first two parts which were based mostly on solo missions, a two player co-op mode has been added here allowing them to experience the terrifying space monster fest missions with a friend.


6. Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens - Colonial Marines

Our number 6 spot is taken by yet another Alien sci-fi monster adventure. Aliens: Colonial Marines set for release by the second week of February for the PS3, PC, Xbox 360 and the Wii U platforms. The game takes you into the role of a US Marine who has been sent on a mission to investigate what happened on the space ship – the U.S.S Sulaco which was led by Captain Ellen Ripley and his crew. Going through the game you will get to see breathtaking environments and handle some of the most sophisticated and futuristic weapons.


5. Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends 2013

Rayman Legends is a sequel to Rayman Origins which was released way back in 2011. Although the schedule release for Rayman Legends is set for November this year, the exclusive release for the Nintendo Wii U platform is set in the end of February. The game promises to make best use of the all new and innovative design GamePad Controller. The game allows one player to use the tablet controller and give assistance to as many as four players who can use their standard Wii controllers. There are different things that you can do with the touch pad controller like pulling and grabbing creatures as well as knocking any enemies that come in your path.


4. Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider 2013

The latest Tom Raider game is one of those titles that were scheduled to be released in the end of 2012 but for a variety of reasons, the game’s release was pushed into early March. But the extra time is most definitely be going to be used to polish up any shortcomings left to make this reboot sequel one of the best in this long-standing and world famous gaming franchise. Gamers will be taken into the early years of Lara Croft as she goes into unexplored worlds and new places. The game has already managed to attract a fair amount of controversy for having an alleged sexual abuse cut scene. Gamers get to see the darker part of Lara Croft and find out the story they never knew about her past.


3. Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite is set to take the gaming world by storm this year. Their developers delayed the release of the third installment of the Bioshock series as they needed more time to deliver even more extraordinary graphics than before. The game will take you higher than you have ever been before –literally as you play the character of an Agent called Booker DeWitt, a man who is sent to the city of airborne Colombia. His mission is simple; to find and recover the missing woman called Elizabeth,


2. The Last of Us

The Last of Us 2013 video games

The Last of Us is brought to you by the same developers which were behind the famous Unchartered series games. This game combines the best elements of action adventure gaming with survival in completely new ways and has well-defined characters and a catching storyline. The game is set for release in the first week of May but is exclusive to PS3 only.


1. GTA V

GTA V - 2013

Making our way into the number one spot for our top ten list of games to look forward to in 2013, is the fifth part in Rockstar’s world famous GTA Series. The game promises to bring an even bigger gaming world filled with unique and colorful characters and action-driven missions full of adventure and crime. Players will have full freedom to roam around wherever they want. Set for release in Spring 2013, this game is definitely going to be on the list of every gamer out there. for more video games news you can check this great blog SegmentNext.


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