Top 10 Best Male Singers – 2013

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Music is one of the most ancient of all arts and has been known for introducing romance and love into the lives of many. Music not only lends an element of entertainment to our sometimes boring and monotonous lives but it also boosts our level of enthusiasm and enjoyment. When it comes to the music industry, both male and female artists and performers have continued to enthrall audiences worldwide but in order to maintain some homogeneity, we have compiled the Top Ten Best Male Singers – 2013 in the Male category this time. Be sure to stay tuned in for our Female Category Top Ten List next week. Male Singers have always enjoyed command and respect for having a huge impact on the emotional intensification and mental counseling of people. Often, in public places and restaurants you will hear music that is designed to create a cheerful and jolly atmosphere. Our Top Ten Best Singers list for 2013 is based on the popularity that these people enjoy with their number of fans and audiences globally.



10. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber cute

You might love him or you might hate him but there is no way you can keep him out of the Top Ten Best Singers for 2013 list because of the huge popularity he enjoys all over the world. Bieber is the youngest singer in our Top Ten List. Hailing from Canada and born in 1994, Bieber started coming to the limelight in around 2008 and quickly captured the hearts and minds of the public becoming one of the best-selling singers in the entire world. Most of his fans though are young girls.


9. David Guetta

David Guetta

The impact that David Guetta has had on the Music Industry can never be denied. His hit single’s along with the songs he has performed in collaboration with different artists worldwide has netted him a lot of fame and fortune. Most music critics argue that Guetta is the best modern day singer alive.


8. Pitbull

Pitbull - best male singers 2013

Armando Cristian Perez – or more commonly known as Pitbull continues to enjoy tremendous popularity with the public because of the unique style of music he brings. Blending his lyrics with modern day musical instruments, Pitbull released songs like “Give me everything” and “Rain over me” which still continues to be a part of every dance club, discos and private parties.


7. Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo

Making his way into our number seven spot is Jason Derulo. Derulo has been earmarked to be one of the most popular singers of 2013 having made his debut in 2009. His item song “Don’t Wanna Go Home” has been one of his best-selling songs. Derulo is also known for his song-writer talents and is expected to win over millions of fans with his charming lyrics and musical style.


6. Chris Brown

Chris Brown 2013

Chris Brown – full name Christopher Brown is known in the music industry as simply Chris. Born and raised in America, Chris Brown continues to charm audiences with his lovely voice as shown by his hit songs, With You Forever and She isn’t You. He also worked on the release of his recent album F.A.M.E and Fortune which made a lot of impact on worldwide audiences. Having started his singing career from his childhood days, Chris Brown is tipped to be one of the most popular and hottest singing sensations for the year 2013.


5. Taio Cruz

Taio Cruz - best singers 2013

Taio Cruz is well-known all over the world for being a song writer, record producer and an up-coming singer. Cruz is of British origin and has worked with a number of other popular stars in the music industry that includes names like David Guetta and Usher. He worked closely with Guetta in releasing his album nothing but the Beat. Cruz has managed to enthrall audiences worldwide with his unique music style and taste which is most evident from the release of his latest album, Departure.


4. Adam Levine

Adam Levine - best male singers 2013

Adam Levine shot to fame with his role in the band Maroon 5 and makes his way into the number four spot of our Top Ten Best Singers for 2013. Adam Levine has a huge fan following and is particularly popular amongst the ladies for his looks and charm. He is one of the best rated signer, composer, artist, and performer and not to forget guitarist. It was from the Guitar where his career basically took off as the exposure he got from performing in the band Maroon 5 inspired him to take up his passion for singing seriously.


3. Drake

Drake - 2013

Drake or Aubrey Drake Graham has been placed on the third spot of our Top Ten Best Singers list of 2013. Drake enjoys a significant position with the masses and has released a number of best-selling albums. Born and raised in Canada, this immensely talented songwriter, artist, performer and singer is tipped to set new records in the coming year. Nominated thrice for Juno and BET awards, his album Take Care released July 2012 brought him huge success.


2. Usher

Usher 2013

You didn’t think we would keep Usher out of our Top Ten Best Singers list, did you? Usher is a name that you cannot keep out of any list. Better known around the United States of America for being the King of Pop Music, Usher has enjoyed a significant amount of success over the past decade or so and continues to come up with hit singles and albums every year. His music talents landed him the R&B Artist award in 2011. His unique music style, eccentric but charming personality continues to win him fans from all over the world.


1. Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars hot

Bruno Mars lands the number one spot for our Top Ten Best Singers list for 2013. Although some people might argue with this ranking, but we feel that he deserves the number one ranking for the number of fans and followers he has in the United States as well as European countries. Bruno Mars has been the recipient of many Grammy award nominations. His real name is Peter Gene Hernande and belongs to a musical family.


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  1. arjun kumar sen thakuri

    What ? Jb . . . He is a g*y . . N forever g*y . . . .motherfu**er . .chris Brown is number one artist of the world .

  2. Sorry but JB should have been #1…. and its not because I like him because I dont… but I mean just look at the fackts… he has more followers on FB and twitter than all the rest combined (hyperbole)… not to mentione that he is way more famouse.. I mean who does not know who JB is… even my grandma does!!!

  3. sorry folks but the #1 singer is Adam Lambert. No one not even Usher can sing better or is more of an entertainer than Adam. He lost in season 8 and we still do not know why? Kris Allen is an average singer but certainly not better than adam. Since then Adam has proven what everyone knows and that is that Adam can sing anything. Adam is the best all around singer and that voice is superb. Adam is also drop dead gorgeous. He is always impeccably well dressed and is so nice and humble.


    10. BRUNO MARS

  5. Jaszmin im a belieber

    OMG SERIOUSLY JUSTIN SHOULD BE #1 hes the best male artist ever next to his idol Michael jackson i mean come on open ur freaking ears and listen to the perfection!!!!!

  6. GlitterBaby

    @Glitter…SO TRUE! Adam Lambert has to be on here! I love the fact that Bruno is #1. But really, Justin Bieber??? No… He shouldn’t be on here. I’m Happy there is no 1D. 😀

  7. how dare the laeve adam lambert out of it! They even brought vocal digraces like pitbull and justin bieber

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