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With Sony pending an announcement of some next big thing on February 20th, many have been left to speculate as to what this announcement could entail. While there could be many logical assumptions for this mystery PlayStation event, one rumor that has been persistent is the one dealing with a next generation console. There is no doubt that Sony is working on the PS4, and even though the PS3 hasn’t quite reached the 10 year cycle yet, with the recent permanent stoppage of PS2 manufacturing, signs point to a possible PS4 launch with the PS3 lasting for another 2-3 years before the console isn’t supported anymore.


PlayStation 4 Rumors and Launch Date Updates

PlayStation 4 Console
So what can we expect from the PS4 and what should we be looking for in terms of gaming abilities? For one, WSJ, Bloomberg and a couple other trusted sources are claiming that not only will the system get a redesign, but the gaming controller will get an update as well.
While we do not have specifics concerning the items dimensions and designs, it’s safe to say that the PS4 will be a completely redesigned system. We could expect a system that can either be placed in landscape orientation or vertical with the use of stands. The possibility of a slimmer system is also there as technology has advanced much further than when the original PS3 was released.
According to rumors, Sony will be shelving its in house processors in exchange for ones manufactured by AMD. This could make sense either way seeing Sony spent quite a bit of money on the chip design for the PS3, with little apparent benefit; Xbox 360 uses an AMD outfit and has sold more than the PS3 which on paper is more powerful. We could also be looking at some midrange AMD graphics card, along the line of the HD 8750 to propel games to the screen.
While we are on the matter of graphics, one of the latest rumors claim that Sony is planning to include 4K support in the PS4. While 4K isn’t popular at the moment, due mainly to cost, it’s not farfetched to imagine that in another 4 years 4K TV’s could become affordable enough to be an alternative to 3D enabled TV’s. Since 4K would become popular before the PS5, it would only make sense that Sony includes support for it in the PS4, even though most games may not support the resolution very early.
As for the controller, word on the street is that it is remaining mainly unchanged though touch capabilities are coming to the underside of the controller, much like what you see in the PS Vita.
In other news, Sony also plans to implement a system that would seriously put a dent into the used game market. Currently game developers are “suffering” because many gamers buy the majority of their games new. With Sony’s new system, it could render used games useless as they would not be able to be played in any other system other than the first one they were played in.


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