Top 10 Funniest Comedy Movies of 2012

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2012 was one of the best years for the Film Industry. But what is that separates a great comedy film from the good ones? For some people, it is the way the humor takes them up by surprise and for others it’s the way the jokes slowly creep up on them. Great comedy films usually run with a good well-planned script and clever one-liners that always seem to hit the mark spot on every single time. A great comedy film will always engage the audience and leave a lasting impression on them. They also make an audience relate to the characters and share their joys and pains. With a great comedy film, you can afford to let your guards down and in the end laugh at yourselves which is perhaps sometimes the best therapy ever. So which movies managed to tickle our funny bones in the past year? 2012 saw a wide multitude of funny movies getting released. We have compiled a list of the Ten Funniest Movies in 2012 with no particular order for your pleasure. In our humble opinion, these movies made people laugh and that is what a great comedy film is all about. So without further ado, here is our compilation.


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Funny Movies 2012


10. 3…2…1…. Frankie Go Boom


What do you get when you cast Sons of Anarchy’s Charlie Hunnam in a comedy film? Throw in Ron Perlman in a drag costume, Chris Noth playing a slightly crazy washed out actor, Chris O’ Dowd as a director who keeps filming his siblings in compromising situations and posting them on the Internet and finally Lizzly Caplan, a sexy underwear model who wants to hook up with an attractive man that can’t get it up. What do you get? You get a recipe for one of the best laugh out loud comedies of the year! Frankie Go Boom will definitely leave you wanting more!



9. 21 Jump Street


Although the setting for the move is the same as the 80’s TV series along with the title off course but those are about the only similarities between the two. The two characters Schmidt and Jenko played by Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are ready to leave the problems of their troubled childhood well behind them are determined to join the Police Force. After making through Training, they get to join the secret Jump Street squad where they get selected for the undercover roles of two High School students so they can investigate a dangerous drug ring. The film is full of comedic twists and turns which will leave you with several laughs per minute.



8. Wanderlust

Wanderlust 2012 funny movies

Wanderlust is one of those classic comedies based on a weird hippy commune which has been the backbone of the comedy film industry for a number of decades. The movie has all the recipes of making it a great comedy film – a great cast, a perfect script, those whacky out of this world antics and the ever lingering possibility of some sneak peak nudity.



7. Jeff Who Lives At Home


Oh yeah, for those of you who are into TV series, you will recognize these two main characters almost immediately. The new boss in the office “Andy” and the goofy friend “Marshall” from “How I met your Mother”, together break onto the silver screen. Who in their right mind would have ever tipped these two for making it big in Hollywood in 2012? You just have to see this film to find out.



6. Project X


Starring virtually unknown actors and rated R for nude scenes, comes this great masterpiece from the Director of the Hangover. At 12 million dollars, the movie had a proper budget and a storyline based on a group of college kids who are making a documentary by organizing a crazy birthday house part to make a name for them. As the night goes on, things just keep spiraling out of control.



5. A thousand Words

A thousand Words

A lot of people would watch this movie just because it’s got Eddie Murphy in it. After he stretches the truth on more than one occasion after making a deal with a spiritual guru, Eddie finds a Bodhi tree on his lawn one morning and realizes that every word he speaks causes one of its leaves to fall. With only a thousand words left, he must make every one of them count.



4. Goon

Goon - Funniest Comedy Films 2012

After being labeled as an outcast by his nerdy family, Sean William Scott – a bartender finds himself as an enforcer for a local minor league hockey team but pretty soon finds himself in the limelight as he bashes his way to glory leading his team to Semi-Pro Hockey Glory.



3. American Reunion

American Reunion - Funny Movies 2012

The entire gang that was part of the film that launched a legendary comedy film series – American Pie is finally back for the first time ever as they reunite for their High School reunion. Many things have changed since the glory days as Jim and Michelle got married, Kevin and Vicky broke up, Heather and Oz grew apart from each other and Finch no longer has any thrill in his life since hooking up with Stifler’s mom. The film is one of the best written comedy movies of 2012 and you will definitely enjoy the movie if you are in your early 30s as well (the same age as the returning actors)



2. The Three Stooges

The Three Stooges 2012 - comedy films

The Three Stooges is a reboot of the legendary Comedy Series and Film which enthralled audiences for decades at an end. The Farley Brothers pair up to take on the lead roles and although the movie was a risky prospect, the cast managed to pull things off well making for some good slapstick humor which is a rare thing in US cinema these days.



1. The Dictator

The Dictator - Funniest Film 2012

It seems as if Sasha Baron Cohen will never quite run out of ideas for the out of world characters he comes up with from time to time. After the huge success of Ali G, Borat and Bruno – comes the heroic story of the Dictator in which Cohen plays the role of Admiral General Aladdin whose mission is to ensure that democracy never comes to the land he so loves to oppress.


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