Top Ten Best Fragrances for Women

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It is a well-known fact that women from all over the world find perfumes to be irresistible. When women are looking for a new perfume to buy, they always look for something divine and exotic in the brands they choose. Whenever shopping for perfumes, their eyes go through their already tried and tested brands to see if they have made any new additions to their line of products. Also, whenever a woman gets even a small whiff of a new perfume, she will go to any length to find out the name of that fragrance. For guys, it is the perfect gift to give to their wives, girlfriends or wives. Because let’s face it, women wouldn’t be women if they didn’t fuss about their looks, their hair, their clothes, shoes, personality and other things. Perfumes give an icing on the cake and the sweet smell of their fragrance accompanies them wherever they go be it to parties or other events. We have compiled a Top Ten List of the Best Perfumes available for Women for the year 2013. Without further delay, here they are:

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best fragrances for women 2013 - perfumes


10. Kiss Her Perfume for Women

kiss-her-perfume for women 2013
Kiss Her Perfume for Women by Kiss is one of the most seductive and appealing fragrances out there in the market designed to empower a woman with never before seen seduction tools. The fragrance gives cool mental refreshment accompanied by a quick arousal of the sensual elements of men which makes this brand a huge success story all over the world. It is reasonably priced meaning it is affordable for almost every woman and this might be one of the main reasons for its success.


9. Chanel no5 Women’s Perfume

chanel no 5 - Best Fragrance 2013
Now this is something that will tempt almost every woman out there. This perfume carries with it some historical significance as it was the favorite perfume of American model, singer and actress Marilyn Monroe and she liked this fragrance so much that she would put it on even while going to bed. It comes as no surprise that this perfume has quickly evolved into becoming one of the top most favorites of socialite women and leading starlets. It is best known for its seductive nature and should be worn to parties and other special occasions.


8. Tommy Girl

Tommy Girl

Occupying the number 8 spot on our Top Ten List of Fragrances for Women – 2013 is Tommy Girl. Although the price for this is a tad bit on the higher side, still it will give you the best value for your money and is one of the perfect fragrances for women to wear on casual occasions. The crispy and fresh fragrance is sure to add that seductive and magnetic appeal to your personality making men run after you in circles.


7. Euphoria by CK

Ever since the launch of Euphoria in 2005, the makers at Calvin Klein have been making modifications to the additives and chemicals used in the product to make it one of the most successful brands available in the market. Euphoria captured a huge market with its release and its production has gone even more upwards in 2013 with the addition of elements like lotus blossom, amber, wood and black orchid.


6. Gucci by Gucci for ladies

Gucci by Gucci for ladies
Making its way into our number six spot is Gucci by Gucci for Ladies. This was perhaps the single most popularly sold perfume for women in the year 2012 and is expected to continue its success story in 2013. The perfume was priced at 63$ making it quite an affordable solution for almost every woman. Women who are conscious about their style and fashion rate this perfume as one of the most sought out ones in the market of women aromas and fragrances.

5. Shi  by Alfred Sung

Shi - Alfred Sung
Halfway through our list comes a perfume that was designed for no other purpose but to seduce men. The 2013 year will see the brand celebrating its 27th year in business. The perfume has an uncontrollable and intense smell because it contains all those feminine elements in its composition.

4. Coco Noir, Chanel

Coco Noir, Chanel - best fragrances for women 2013
Coco Noir from Chanel is one of those classic fragrances that are on the wish list of almost every woman out there. It was released in the end of August 2012 after getting inspiration from a Venetian inspired scent. It price tag of just under a hundred dollars seems a bit on the higher side but its concentration and amazing sex appeal makes it something that you would want to have no matter what the price is. The fragrance is a blend of Jasmine, Rose, Sandalwood and different notes from Bergamot and Grapefruits.


3. Donna Karan Cashmere Mist

This perfume was released for the International Market in 1994 and quickly became one of the best-selling fragrances at that time. It is perfect for women that prefer a powdery smell as it has a mind-blowing formula containing wood, must and powdery notes which give it a sensual and sensational smell. It is perfect for women who frequently attend social gatherings and other public events.


2. Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Welcome to the astounding world of Daisy. It is the world of playful innocence with a strong touch of fresh and feminine beauty. The core essence of Daisy lies in its vintage edge which is given by the floral characteristics of Violet. The Violet fragrance manages to encompass the vintage and eclectic flavor of Marc Jacob’s feminine perfume designs. Daisy is something that will leave a woman wrapped in warmth and comfort giving her a fresh spirit while at the same time enchanting her audience.


1. Viktor and Rolf – Flowerbomb

Viktor and Rolf - Flowerbomb
The name given to the number one ranked perfume in our top ten list of best fragrances for women is 2013 sound a little too eccentric. But Flower Bomb carries with it a huge explosion of Peppery Rose heart and Angel. Flower Bomb has such a strong effect that it will get people to draw around you quickly. It was introduced for the International Market in 2005 and debuted for the first few months as an oriental perfume.


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