10 Events To Look Forward to in 2013

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How many of you thought that The Mayan Prediction- indicating the end of days is going to be true? It’s a sure thing that none of us really took it seriously and therefore welcomed 2013 with new hopes glimmering in our eyes and a fresh set of expectations for our life.
Bidding farewell to 2012 may have been tough for you but what is thrilling is that there are ample of reasons for you to enjoy in 2013.
Here Is A Guide To The 10 Major Events You Should Look Forward To In The Year 2013:

events to look forward to in 2013


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10- Many Countries of the world are going to witness elections in the political front. As politics affects each and every one of you, you must keep a track of most of the elections that are going to take place this year. Czech Republic, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Iran, Germany, Tunisia etc. are going to hold elections in 2013. International Day of Happiness on March 20 is going to be celebrated for the first time in 2013. November 22 is also going to mark the 50th anniversary of the day when John .F. Kennedy was shot and killed is Dallas. 2013, therefore is going to put forward in the world scenario some of the major political events as well. So those interested in politics may have an awesome year ahead.
9- Australian Open: Sports like Tennis has always made people hook on to their televisions for hours. If you are one of those people then the Australian Open in Melbourne should be something you must be eagerly waiting for. Youngsters Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic are going to fight it out with the legendary player Roger Federer. Toss into this blend of excellent players the return of Rafael Nadal and the two weeks of January become a desirable vista.
8- Superheroes Return With A Bang: Are you crazy about Iron Man, Superman and Thor despite of the fact that you are not a kid? Well I do not blame you as Hollywood’s portrayal of these action-heroes is mesmerizing and fascinating. Tinsel town in 2013 prepares them for new adventures. Look out for Thor: The Dark World next fall, Iron Man 3 in May, Star: Trek Into Darkness also in may And Man Of Steel in June.
7- The British Royal Baby: William (Prince of Britain) and wife Kate made tearful extended relatives out of all of their well-wishers when they announced they were expecting in the New Year. The royal baby is due this July, 2013. Media and public attention in the royal baby will be enormous, and the spotlight will on gender of the baby since legislation is being passed altering the regulations of kingship to guarantee that the child will be the third behind William to rule Britain even if it is a daughter or a son. Anticipate the Pregnancy to be mentioned 1,000,000,000,000 times in 2013.
6- Mangalayaan Mars Mission In November: For all those interested in life beyond Earth and secrets of the universe, here is great news. In November 2013, Indian Space Research Organization will launch a Mars orbiter to develop equipments required for preparation and operations of an interplanetary mission. This is going to be India’s first space mission to the Red planet – MARS and a major event for the world to look forward to. Plus NASA is going to send probes to Venus and Mars as well.

5- Music Festivals Of 2013: Now. Now. Now. If you are one who enjoys the heart and soul of music and waits for major Music Festivals each year here is a list of some worldwide festivals you can and should attend in 2013- New Orleans Music Festival, The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (California), The All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival (UK), The Roskilde Festival (Denmark), Splendour in the Grass (Australia) and The Independence Rock Festival (India). Good and smoothing music can do no harm. Right?
4- India Latin Dance Festival: Want to shake a leg or two? Then attend the major and largest Dance Festival for Latin dance forms in India (New Delhi and Goa) in April, 2013. About 35 countries are going to participate in this dance exposition accompanied by worldwide famous DJs. There are several interesting demonstrations and seminars to add icing on the cake.
3- ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup: Cricket is one of the most watched and loved sport of the world. If you are a fan of cricket you will not miss the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup to be hosted by India from January to February 2013. This is the third time India is hosting the tournament. So get ready for an enriching cricketing experience this year has to offer.
2- World’s Biggest Video Game Launches Of 2013: There is a treat for all you video game lovers. Microsoft and Sony are likely to declare the descendants to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2013. This year is going to exhilarating as far as video gaming is concerned. Some of the video games to be launched in 2013 are: Tomb Raider, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, Dead Space 3, DMC: Devil May Cry etc.
1- 2013- A Year For Movie Buffs: Apart from superhero movies, here is a list of the most awaited movies of 2013: Hangover Part 3, Elysium, Oblivion, The Hobbit: There And Back Again, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, Pacific Rim, The Gangster Squad, How To Train Your Dragon: 2, Oz: The Great And Powerful, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Fast And The Furious 6, The Wolverine, Grown Ups: 2 etc. Looking at the list it is certain that 2013 is going to be a joy ride for the movie-lovers.



Now that we have discussed some of the major events of 2013, hope you enjoy this year to its core and be a part of every possible chance of living life.. Hope this guide helps you cherish and treasure each and every moment of 2013 so that you spread love and happiness all around you.


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