Top Ten Trendy Valentine's Day Dress Ideas for Women – 2013

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If you haven’t been keeping track, Valentine’s day is just about a little over two weeks away which basically means that you have a few days left to hunt down the perfect dress to wear on that special date. In a women’s world, that basically translates to the fact that she is already on a scavenger hunt to find the prettiest, sweetest and off course sexiest outfit to wear even if Valentine’s Day for her is going to mean a night in with her Girlfriends and a bottle of wine. However, there might also be some women who have big plans for the day with the guy of their dreams and if that is the case, you need to look no further than our Top Ten List of Valentine’s Day Dress Ideas for Women – 2013. We have tried to include some of the most sensual and classiest dresses in our selection that will definitely turn heads and drop jaws of onlookers. However, no matter what kind of girl we are dealing with, be sure that our list contains something perfect for everyone and be assured that you will continue wearing these dresses well after Valentine’s Day has passed. So to help you celebrate this important day with your loved one, here is our top ten list of Valentine’s Day Dress Ideas for Women – 2013.


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valentine's day dress ideas 2013


10. Bolder Dress

Bolder Valentine's Dress
Starting off our Top Ten List is the Bolder Dress which comes in a brightly colored pattern that hugs the body tight and is perfect for women who are not shy of showing off their curves. There are different designs and styles available in this kind of dress to give you that sophisticated or classy look that you are after.

9. Floral Lace Dress

Floral Lace Dress
This is a dress that will suit a modest woman perfectly. Not too bright and not too revealing, but a hundred percent graceful and stylish. Women looking to spice up things just a little bit would want to wear booties or black tights with this outfit though a leather jacket on top would also fit nicely. The Floral Lace Dress is not that expensive and is perfect for a Valentine’s Movie and Dinner Date with your significant other.

8. Reiss Eugenie Leather Dress

Reiss Eugenie Leather Dress
If you are looking to leave a very seriously hot and sexy impression on your lover, you should definitely go for the Reiss Eugenie Leather Dress. Although the dress is priced a bit on the higher side, still you cannot put a price on how sexy you are going to look in this leather T-Shirt Dress. It is a dark olive short-sleeved and round dress which will leave your date wanting to get his hands on that butter soft leather.

7. J.Crew Origami Sheath Dress

J.Crew Origami Sheath Dress
Pick the J Crew Origami Sheath Dress if you are looking for a Valentine’s Day Date winner. All you need to go with this dress are a pair of heels and earrings and it will leave you looking absolutely ravishing and perfect for the love of your life. The dress is composed of sultry wool and has been designed to flatter a woman’s body in the all the right places.

6. Sassy Dress

Sassy Dress
This kind of a dress is aimed for the adventurous women who are not afraid to show a bit of skin. The dress is asymmetrically designed and has ruffled details and is perfect for women who have a formal date planned for Valentine’s Day or even a house party. The design is elegant and sexy making you look physically attractive for your man on this special date.

5. Eight Sixty Colorblock Body Con Dress

Eight Sixty Colorblock Body Con Dress
Making its way into the number five slot on our Top Ten List for Valentine’s Dress Ideas for 2013 is this modern dress from Eighty Six which deviates from the usual dresses you see. Every woman would want to style herself up with this super slim and color blocked paneled dress that would look perfect with leg-lengthening pumps.

4. Nasty Gal Alert Status Peplum Dress

Nasty Gal Alert Status Peplum Dress valentine's day dress ideas
If your idea of a Valentine’s Dress means donning the stunning red color you should look no further than the Nasty Gal Alert Status Peplum Dress. This is an amazingly hot structured dress in red body-con color which contains ribbed details and a peplum waist. With this dress, you will be able to put a sophisticated and glamorous spin on sexy with the stretch fabric and a deep V neckline. It will look absolutely perfect with platforms and a patent clutch. The dress has been designed and manufactured in the US and is a blend of both Nylon and Rayon.

3. Zara Dress

Zara Dress
We wouldn’t have a list of Top Ten Dresses for any occasion as a matter of fact without including a dress from the world renowned brand – Zara. And Zara doesn’t disappoint this time around with its Valentine dress collection with this sexy lacy neckline dress that has a fit and flare make giving a woman that all important feminine touch with a tad bit on the sexy side of things. It is a perfect dress for a dinner out with the boyfriend or the husband and would look even better with a bit of dancing.

2. Finderskeepers Somerset Dress

Finderskeepers Somerset Dress - valenine's dresses
The Finderskeepers Somerset Dress makes its way into our number two slot just for being out of this world sexy. This dress has been designed with a lustrous weave and the angled seams and feminine mini dress is beautified with boned sides and a sweet neckline. In addition to this, draped panels create a sophisticated and graceful envelope on the skirt line. The zip design on the back is exposed and detachable with adjustable straps.

1. Three Floor Lace up Dress

Three Floor Lace up Dress
And rounding up our Top Ten Valentine’s day Dress Ideas for Women at the Number One Slot is the Three Floor Lace up Dress priced at a reasonable 238$. No woman will be able to keep every head in the restaurant or café from staring at her when she wears this sheer illusion neckline dress to her date on Valentine’s Day.


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