Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For New Dads

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When the Valentine’s Day comes, new dads realize that, they actually don’t have any time to feel the romance on themselves. Due to the responsibility of the newborn, their romance may be ignored at times. Becoming a father is the most memorable feeling in everyone’s life. Besides being such a cherishable phase, it’s also going to alter his life drastically. Choose a gift which makes him take responsibility as a dad and to make him relax. Give an item which helps to reduce the workload of the new dad and it should act as a remembrance all through his life.


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valentine's day gifts for new dads
Here Are Top Ten Gift Ideas For New Dads:

10 – Digital Video Camera – Camera is useful for him to take pictures of his newborn when the most memorable events like when the baby rolls back or he/she trying to move on his/her stomach and more happens. Each and every movement of the child is a mesmerizing event. It should be recorded for future. This will help you to carry over the past and it makes you fun while watching.

9 – Diaper bag – This is a useful bag to pack for the vacation or outing. You can carry the needed items for baby in the diaper bag. You can carry the items like diapers, wipes, feeding bottle if needed, at least a toy, clothes to change over the baby, cloth diapers for spit-up or burping, pair of socks and more. First make a list and pack the bag accordingly before going out. This makes you feel comfortable and you will not forget anything.

8- External Solar Battery Pack – Taking photos and videos will drain the battery of the dad’s phone. This external battery pack helps him to recharge during the travel. Being a solar powered charger, the new dad can recharge the battery on the run.

7 – External Hard Disk – This kit helps new dads to store the images and videos of their babies from the camera. Transferring the pictures and videos on the external hard disk will be safe and it makes the space in their camera. So new dad can take more photos and videos. Like these gadget gift ideas are likable by most new dads.

6 – Digital Photo frame – Taking photos are used to keep track of the child memories in future. Digital photo frame is a picture frame. It displays all the digital photos which are loaded in it without the help of a computer. Due to the work stress they cannot spend their time with the child in the valuable moments. By taking photos and videos can satisfy their needs. This frame helps the new dad to view the photos whenever they want. It is so handy to carry anywhere else. Even they can carry to their workstation to watch the photos. No need to run a computer to view. Really this is the best gift for the new dad to view his child pictures. This makes him relax and he will enjoy watching.

5 – Wrap baby carrier – It helps to carry their baby and keeps the baby very close to them. They can travel out for the whole day by carrying their baby with the help of this. The weight of the baby is well supported; hence it makes them more comfortable. They can get ideas from their parents or neighbors regarding, how to use it safely and securely. You can find different types of baby carrier through online shopping as well as from the market.

4- Stroller – Stroller can help you to carry your baby while you are going out. Up to the age of 3 or 4 you can carry your baby with this. Different types of strollers are available. Jogger stroller is the best option for jogging dads. It has a little longer handle than the regular stroller. Some jogger stroller can be converted into a regular stroller while non jogging. Strollers are available for twins, triplets and quadruplets. You can gift them based on their needs. This helps them to carry their kids along with them while going out like walking, shopping and more. Strollers are comfortable and easy to carry out their child. They can fold the stroller and keep it on the back of their car while traveling.

3- Parental Guide – Presenting a handbook or guide for new dads will help them with practical tips and good advices. The guide may help the new dads to make a bond between them. Mom has the best relationship with the child. To increase the bonding and to know about the responsibility of the dad, this parental guide will help. Some user manual guide will teach him, how to manage the need of the baby such as changing the diapers, how to bath the infants, medications, how to hold them and more.

2- Wireless Baby Crying Detector And Baby Care Timer – This detector will beep when the baby cries or for any other different sounds. It consists of two detectors. Place one of its in the kids’ room and another in the parents’ room. So that they can hear the cry of the baby while working in the kitchen or while sleeping. The Baby care timer is necessary needed for every mom and dad. It helps with every mom and dad to remember their babies last ate, sleep or wake. It is actually to maintain the log of baby activities. You can set reminder for feeding, medication, and exercise. When the time limit reached it will give an alarm sound for your notification.

1- In house Date – You cannot go out for the Valentine’s Day together. You can make your house as a romantic place to date. Start with candle light dinner; enjoy watching your favorite movie with popcorn and eatables. Really this will make both mom and dad a great stress free.

These are some gift ideas for new dads. It reflects him, how he is caring and loved by his wife. These gifts will help him for the next baby too.


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