Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Geeks – 2013

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Everyone needs love irrespective of their high or low romantic instincts. Is your love an extraordinary person with extraordinary needs? Is your special someone a geek? Are you planning to make it special for your geeky better half? If your answer is yes then there are a few creative and innovative gift ideas that you can use to make your geeky special someone feel closer to your heart. The top 10 valentine’s day gifts that you can gift your love this valentine involve the following:


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10)  Lego Necklace
Lego Necklace Gifts for geeks
If the geek close to your heart is a lovely girl the Lego necklace is quite a cute option for someone like her. All girls like being gifted with jewelry even if the gal is a geek. It is a nice jewelry gift which is not only affordable but it shall give quite a personal touch to your effort. It is also available in various colors and designs on the internet that you can choose from. And believe me if your geek valentine is really in love with you she shall wear it long enough to prove how much she loves you.

9)   8-Bit Bouquet
8-Bit Bouquet - valentine's day gifts for geeks 2013
Are you in love with a geek who loves flowers then another gift idea could please his or her geeky and instincts. An 8-bit bouquet is definitely the most adorable and cherished flower arrangement for a die heart fan of vintage video game.  This 8 bit flower arrangement does not require water and comes with a stand.  This bouquet propped on your geek’s work table or desk shall remind them of you love for them every time they look at it.  The ordinary poises on the brill bouquet look as if they have many-many pixels.

8) Tulip USB Hub
Tulip-Shape-USB-Hub 2013
You can gift you special geek with Tulip USB hub instead of getting flowers delivered to their address.  The Tulip USB hub comprises of high speed USB ports.  They look like a colorful bunch of flowers. They are also compatible with most of the USB plugs. They are compatible with both windows and Mac. The best part of gifting these red tulips is they won’t die in just a few days.

7) Aroma USB
Aroma USB - gifts 2013
Is your special geek also a classy someone in love with style and class? If yes then you might as well consider gifting your love with an Aroma USB. This is basically a scent drive. When you use it, a mesmerizing fragrance is diffused. Aroma USB is available in more than 100 different designs and styles. You can choose among the variety with correspondence to your loved one’s personality.  Some of them also come with the sophisticated Swarovski crystals. Gift your classy high flying lover with some appreciated class.

6) Robots In Love T-Shirt
Robots In Love T-Shirt - gifts
You can also consider gifting the geek closest to your heart with Robots in Love T-shirt. These are fun t-shirts. They have a robot couple in love printed on them. These prints on the t-shirt come in designs for both the genders that complete each other. You can choose among the various color combinations and robot styles at your discretion. They are pretty affordable as far as your purchase transaction is concerned. Believe it or not your geeky love is going to wear it more often than any other cloth in their wardrobe and is sure to flaunt it too. Your love is going to wear it every time they miss you.

5) Cost Free Geeky Surprise
Cost Free Geeky Surprise
If you are out of cash and wondering how to surprise your geeky sweetheart, don’t get worried you can still create the magic.  You can simply make your sweetheart an online playlist that comprises of the music, tunes and songs that your geek is in love with. Another cost free surprise you can gift you geek is by gifting them a self-created YouTube mix tape that shall comprise of all your cherished moments with your love and favorite movies that have always reminded both of you about each other’s cherished existences in your lives. This will surely make your geek’s heart sway in a silly awww!!!

4) Layers Frame
Layers Frame
Another heart throbbing lovely gift option for your sweetheart can be a layers frame. You can simply select one of the best pictures that projects a moment really close to both your hearts and make it geeky to the last level with layers frame. This analogue accessory shall be multiplied with some digi-chic and help you make it geekily special to the one you cannot afford to live without.

3) Heart Shaped Headphone Splitter
Heart Shaped Headphone Splitter - valentine's day gift
Is your special someone stuck to music, then Valentine’s is the best time to stick to them by gifting them with a headphone splitter which is Red in color and heart shaped. This will mean that you and your geek can share your favorite audio and set the right mood to cuddle close and make each other feel cherished. Now whether you switch from A to C or C to P or P to T, all that this head phone splitter will help you do is share love.

2) Laser Wireless Cyborg R.A.T. 9
Laser Wireless Cyborg R.A.T. 9
Is your geek a big time gamer and you have had enough and more arguments with him regarding giving you more time than his games, the here is a chance of letting your gamer boy know how much you love him and that you love him for exactly who he is. You can do this by gifting him a Laser wireless Cyborg R.A.T. 9. He will thank you forever for bringing a brand new and revised level to his gaming experience.

1) Binary Print Card
Binary Print Card valentine's day
Last but not the least you can choose to be reasonable and yet surprise your geeky partner and make them feel special and wanted with a card, but mind you not just a simple valentine card but a Binary Print card that says “I Love You” in the geekiest possible language. This card will definitely be cherished by your techno savvy and make your love’s geeky, adorable feet sway with a silly smile on their face.

If your love is so special it definitely demands special attention and out of the box ideas to make them realize what importance they hold in your life, exactly how conveniently they have become your significant someone.


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