10 Things You Might Not Know About Valentine’s Day

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February, 14th, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by most of young and old people around the world. Saint Valentine’s Day is commonly known as Valentine’s Day. Many churches around the world also celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day. During the 5th century, Pope Gelasius declared February 14th as the St. Valentine’s Day. The Valentine’s Day was associated with love during the 15th century among the circle of famous English poet Geoffrey Chaucer. After the 15th century it evolved into an occasion of expressing love between friends, lovers, and literally with anyone. By the 17th century the Valentine’s Day become popular among England, France, USA, Mexico, Canada and Australia. After the middle of the 18th century, this day become common among the friends, social circles and lovers.
There are lots of facts and definitions prevailing for Valentine’s Day. In this modern world, Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a day of expressing love, by exchanging cards, chocolates, flowers and etc. Apart from history there are some interesting and unknown facts about Valentine’s Day.
Here Is The List Of Top 10 Things You Don’t Know About The Present Day Valentine’s Day:


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10- Did you know who is called as the mother of Valentine’s Day? A student from Mount Holyoke College named Esther Howland created the first Valentine’s Day gift made of lace, ribbon and some colorful images. Later she was recognized as the Mother of Valentine.

9- Giving a card on Valentine’s Day has become a ritual in this modern world. Can you guess, who receives the most number of Valentine card? According to a recent research, it shows that “school teachers” are the most people to receive Valentine’s Day greeting cards from their fellow teachers, school children and other friends. Others who top the list to receive cards are, children, mothers, wives and then come the lovers. Even pets get a greeting card from their keepers.

8- In this modern world, there are some countries which have banned the celebration of Valentine’s Day. One of the countries is Saudi Arabia. In this country, the government has a commission to stop selling Valentine’s Day gift to Muslim couples. Iran is another country that shuns the celebration.

7- Roses, Chocolates and greeting cards are the important gifts on any modern Valentine’s Day. A small statistic suggests that more than 650 million cards are purchased and exchanged between children from the age of 6 to 10 years. Did you know a small city in Italy receives around 1000 greetings cards each year from around the world, remembering Shakespeare’s fictional character Juliet! It’s amazing to know about these unknown facts about Valentine’s Day.

6- Some go beyond limits to show or express their love to someone. Here’s a Guinness record fact about the Valentine’s Day Chocolate. Statistics show that more than 36 million chocolates are sold in the shape of hearts every Valentine’s day. A Spanish chocolate maker Chocovic has made a seven ton Chocolate to mark the occasion and as a promotional stunt. This chocolate is still an unbreakable record in the Guinness book of records.

5- An interesting saying about Robin bird and Valentine’s day, the saying goes like this, “if a woman sees a flying Robin bird, she would end up getting married to a sailor”, “If she saw a flying sparrow, then she’ll marry a poor man and live happily” and “if she witnesses a Goldfinch bird, then she’s expected to marry a rich millionaire man”.

4- Here are some statistics surprises of Valentine’s Day. Spending on any Valentine’s Day crosses a gross of 13.5 billion dollars. More than 190 million roses are used on that day. Around 180 million greeting cards are purchased and exchanged on that day every year. Around the world over 2 million marriages are done on that day of love. And a modest spending of just above 100 dollars is spent on gifts by any individual. 15 per cent of Women receive flowers from their loved ones. Mixed flowers are the most preferred gifts, and then come the roses. Most of card purchases have been done during the last 5 days before Valentine’s Day.

3- Major greeting card producer Hallmark produced its first valentine card in 1913. During recent years, Hallmark is producing around 2000 different cards for Valentine’s Day.

2- Wedding and marriage proposals made on the Valentine’s Day are treated special around the world. Wedding on that day will make the day of love even more special. There are some lifestyle magazines are promoting wedding ideas and themes for that day. Some of the famous celebrity weddings on that day are Renate Blauel and Elton John, Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan, Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson.

1- People who love their pets also enjoy Valentine’s Day along with the pets. You will not believe that around 9 million owners of any pet buy gifts for their pets. Special dog cookies and toys are the most purchased gifts for dogs. For cats, toys which smell like fish and catnip pillows are the best gifts sold during any Valentine’s Day.

These are the great little known facts about the present day Valentine’s Day celebrations. Apart from the above good facts, there are some disturbing facts as well, such as the Saint Valentine was actually beheaded on 14th February for arranging marriages for the soldiers in secret. Some suggest that this it is a Roman age Pagan holiday named as the Lupercalia, on that day the men spanked young women with whips to improve the fertility. More and more statistics show that condom sales around the world zoomed high around the Valentine’s Day. One research suggests that suicides are becoming more on that particular day, due to failures in love and life. And research shows that some young age people feel happy about the occasion, some feel depressed and lonely.
Since this day is about expressing love, this day is celebrated by most of the population in the world. Make it one of the best events in any calendar year. So plan ahead and enjoy this day with your loved ones.


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  1. Did you ALSO know that on Valentine’s Day in the Second Century in th Roman Empire where Christianity was Ruled used to sacrifice a “DOG” and a “GOAT” and the two children will be chosen to covered with the blood of the DOG and GOAT and then washed with Milk and there would be a parade about it and the chosen two will then lash people during the parade as a good luck for people who needed protection from Wolves. Hence the night of the 15th which is the night that the MOON is the fullest. What comes to mind when the FULL MOON is mentioned? That is right VAMPIRES and WOLVES.

    Valentine’s Day has nothing to do with Love. It is an ancient roman empire celebration engineered to deception so that the people could blindly buy the things that they do not even want too.

    Are you telling me that to love your wife or husband, you need to do it once a year? Why not love your wife or husband every day?

    Is this Christian practice or a Jewish practice? I am really confused here.

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