Top 10 Most Affordable Laptops for Students – 2013

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A laptop is an essential gadget for every professional these days including school going students, college students, businessmen and employers. Everyone needs to have a laptop to take care of their computing tasks and needs. The main reason why people prefer laptops these days is because of their portable nature and small size as compared to the traditional desktop computers. College Students need laptops to take care of their daily assignments, projects and take care of other tasks. But students these days need a laptop that can not only fulfill their study needs but also give them entertainment. Choosing the right kind of laptop for you is very important as it is something that is going to be with you for the next 2-4 years depending on your requirements. If you end up choosing the wrong model you could be stuck with disappointment or stress therefore it is essential that you do your homework and read the different reviews and specifications online about different laptops so that you know exactly what you need. College students usually need medium specification laptops that are capable of running heavy software and multi task at the same time. Most college students prefer to buy laptops within the 500$ – 600$ budget range and keeping this in mind, we have compiled the list of Top Ten Most Affordable Laptops for Students.



10. Dell Inspiron 14R i14RN4110-8073DBK 14-Inch Laptop

Dell Inspiron 14R i14RN4110-8073DBK - affordable laptops
This model sports a 14 inch high resolution screen, a 4GB RAM and a Core i3 Processor. College students will be able to get this all for just under 500$. Dell has been a leading laptop brand for many years and has a strong standing in the laptop industry for providing extreme performance and hardware which is both reliable and durable. A lot of people have full confidence in Dell laptops and models because of their rock solid business. Dell laptops are ideal for college students who are looking for a reliable and powerful laptop at a low price.



9. Acer Aspire TimelineX 11.6-Inch Laptop

Acer Aspire TimelineX 11.6-Inch
Making its way into the number nine spot is the Acer Aspire TimelineX laptop which will not add much space and weight to your backpack. A smaller screen laptop has many advantages as it is easier to carry around than other bulkier laptops. The dual core processing speed is enough to run all heavy software programs and the screen is able to provide LED display at HD resolution.



8. Toshiba Satellite L755-S5271 15.6-Inch LED Laptop

Toshiba Satellite L755-S5271
Toshiba is one of the most popular laptops for College Students because of the high quality hardware they manage to pack in a small box. The laptop can support an amazing 3D display and high resolution up to 720p on a really powerful 15.6 inches LED display screen.




This is a laptop that any student can hope to buy even with his pocket money going for a cheap 484 US Dollars. The machine is powered with Intel’s Celeron Processor technology and has a battery timing of up to 4 hours. The 2GB RAM is more than enough to support all kinds of multi-tasking activities that are expected from any laptop. The 250 GB hard drive is also sufficient and reliable enough to hold all kinds of important data and information. If you are a fan of HP, there is nothing better that you will get for this price.



6. ThinkPad Edge E520 11433FU 15.6″ LED Notebook – Core i5 i5-2410M 2.3GHz

ThinkPad Edge E520 11433FU
Although the price is slightly on the higher side with this model, still Lenovo does its best to deliver everything that a College student would want to have in his machine. The ThinkPad Edge 520 is packed with Intel’s Core i5 processing technology running at clock speeds of 2.3 Ghz which is more than enough to run any heavy engineering or other software. Lenovo has a longstanding reputation in the laptops and computer manufacturing industry having its roots with IBM.



5. HP Pavilion dm4-2070us Intel Core i5-2410M 14.0-Inch Notebook PC

HP Pavilion dm4-2070us  - affordable laptops for students
This mouth-watering treat is definitely one to have if you are looking for a dependable and rock solid HP laptop that is not only good in design but also great in performance. The HP Pavilion Dm4 has in-built adjustment settings for controlling the thermal settings of the machine to protect it from various issues that might arise from overheating. The laptop is powered by Intel’s Core i5 processor and is capable of displaying high resolution video output on its 14.0 inches LED display screen.



4. Sony VPCEE3J0E/BQ

You didn’t think we would leave out Sony in any Top 10 Laptops list, did you? This model from Sony is exactly why the brand is fabulously famous all over the world for providing some of the most top notch electronics in the world. The laptop is powered with a 3GB RAM and 2.2 GHz AMD Duron Processor which is powerful and fast enough enabling students to easily complete their different assignments and tasks. The 500 GB of hard drive is suitable for handling almost every student’s data storage needs.



3. Samsung NC10

Samsung NC10 - most affordable laptops
Samsung makes its way into our top ten list of most affordable laptops for students with its NC10 model which won’t take either much space or weight. The best thing about the Samsung NC10 is its extremely durable battery life which is ideal for students who are always on the go.



2. Dell 6400

Dell 6400
The Dell 6400 is very easy to use and has a long battery life and a durable body. Going for round-about 400$, it has 2GB of Ram and is powered by the Dual Core processing technology from Intel. A simple design and extremely affordable price makes it one of the best laptop options for College Students.



1. Apple MacBook Pro MB133LL/A 15.4-inch Laptop (2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 2 GB RAM, 200 GB Hard Drive, DVD/CD SuperDrive)

Apple MacBook Pro MB133LL
One of the most popular and best options is to for laptop computers powered by Apple due to the powerful software and hardware capabilities that have yet to be matched by any other laptop manufacturer.


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