Top Ten Most Populated US States – 2013

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The United States of America is one of the most populated countries in the entire world. It comes as no surprise as this is most happening place in the world. Everyone wants to live the American dream in the land of opportunity. Keeping in view some the recent surveys and reports gathered from a variety of sources, here is our rundown of the Top Ten list of the most populated US states in 2013.

most populated states - USA

10. North Carolina

North Carolina, a state located in the South East of the US makes the number 10 spot on our Top Ten list with approximately 9,812,584 people. It is popularly known as the Old North State or the Tar Heel State. Its capital city is called Raleigh and its biggest city in terms of population is Charlotte. North Carolina is made up of over 100 different counties each being significant in its own way.

9. Michigan

Michigan has seen a sharp shift in its population when compared to some of the past years. At a population of 9,839,333, Michigan makes it to the number nine spot. Michigan can be located in the mid-western part of the US. The state gets its name from the surrounding five big lakes as the name’s literal meaning translates to “large water” making it the largest and longest fresh water coastline in the country.

8. Georgia

Georgia – popularly known as the Empire of the South overtook Michigan on the leaderboard for the 8th spot with 9,921,585 individuals. The significance of Georgia lies in the fact that it used to be one of thirteen colonies in the region but was granted the status of State in 1732. Atlanta is the most popular city of the region and also the State Capital famous for a large number of things.

7. Ohio

With a population of nearly 11,555,168 people, Ohio takes the number 7 spot on our top ten list of most populated US states. Ohio is one of the most popular and famous states in the United States with the city of Columbus as the state capital. Ohio used to be included in North Western Territories before being inducted into the Union as the 17th State of the country.

6. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania grabs the number 6 spot with an estimated population of 12,783,164 people. The state of Pennsylvania is on the number nine spot in terms of population density. Harrisburg is the state capital while also being one of the most populated cities of the region.

5. Illinois

Illinois is placed at the number five spot with 12,896,257 individuals and their population seems to be on the rise year by year. Illinois is popular for being the miniature copy of the entire United States. Illinois plays a very important role for the economy of the entire country as it has a high agricultural output and productivity.

4. Florida

Florida ranks at number 4 with 19,221,784 and one of the reasons for its high population is its border with the Gulf of Mexico from where a significant number of illegal immigrants enter into the country seeking a better life or employment opportunities. Regardless of the increase in population, Florida continues to thrive through its agricultural and tourism industry.

3. New York

The New York State stands at number 3 on the top ten most populated list of US states with a population of 19,442,080 people. New York State is perhaps the most well-known states in the entire world as it is a center for worldwide trade and economy. It is also the place where dreams come true. Albany is the state capital of New York and can be found in the north eastern region of the United States.

2. Texas

Texas takes the number two spot on the ten most populated US states list with an estimated number of 26,017,907 people. Texas has a very big role to play when it comes to contributing to the agriculture, industrial, technological and energy sector of the country. The big economic boom that started in Texas a few years back has continued to thrive benefiting the residents of the region. In comparison to other states country wide, the gross state product is higher. Many economists are of the view that the entire economy of the country might be prone to collapse if Texas is taken out of the equation.

1. California

California easily beats all other states of the country in terms of population with an estimated total number of 37,884,602 individuals taking the title of the most populated state in the United States. A major reason why the population is so high in this state is the large number of employment opportunities that its cities have to offer to residents all over the country.


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