Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies 2012 – 2013

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Even if many people do not feel this way, the truth is that the intelligence agencies are really useful for consolidating the national power. In order to know the real business of the intelligence agencies it is important to know that it can be rather difficult to maintain a climate of peace when there are things going under the pane that are not available for the general public. Many times the operations of the agencies are controversial, but on the other hand it is vital to know which nations have the 10 best intelligence agencies in the world 2012 – 2013

10. Australia – ASIS

ASIS is the agency responsible for collecting information for abroad and undergoing a series of counter-intelligence acts. It was formed in 1952 and it has a budget of over 160 million Australian dollars. The government did not know of its existence for over twenty years. The main purpose of the agency is to protect the interest and ensure the safety of Australian people.

9. India – RAW

Founded in 1968, with its headquarters in New Delhi, the Indian intelligence agency was based on the lack of information in the two important wars and everyone believed that it would be important to have that external information about the politics of other countries and their intention. In this way the RAW ended up advising the policy makers in India in order to get better terms in the future with the whole idea of being informed.

8. France – DGSE

The General Directory for External Security is the intelligence agency of France. This agency is under the ministry of defense and it works closely with the national security agency in order to perform operations in foreign countries. Founded in the year 1982, it is actually a mixture of many agencies in the country which were united in order to help with decisions related to military and strategic problems. There are five thousand people employed by the agency.

7. Russia – FSB

Formed in 1995 and harboring 350,000 employees, the Federal Security Service is actually the successor of the KGB and NKVD. The agency gets involved in counter-terrorism, surveillance and counterintelligence activities. Its headquarters is in Moscow and it is on the premises of the former KGB. Everything related to law enforcement works under this agency and it is also responsible for the security of Russian including the fight against drugs and organized crime.

6. Germany – BND

With 6,050 employees, the BND was formed on 1st of April 1956. The agency is controlled by the chancellor and his office and it warns Germany if there is any sign of threat from abroad. It is specialized in electronic communication and wiretapping. It collects data from all sorts of areas of life, from organized crime to illegal immigration.

5. China – MSS

As a huge country with multiple potential, the Chinese intelligence agency has its headquarters in Beijing and it is strictly related to the State Security Ministry. It is a really active and probably the largest agency of the Chinese government. It has the right to arrest people for crimes which involve the state security. The agents operate undercover in many countries including Canada and the US.

4. Israel – Mossad

This is a controversial organization which was formed in 1949. It has around 1,200 employees and its works under the jurisdiction of the Prime minister. Mossad is preoccupied with covert operations and all sorts of paramilitary deeds. It has two branches, the Amam which deals with military intelligence and the Shin Bet which is related to internal security. It is famous for its executions and many operatives related to offenses brought to the citizens of Israel.

3. Pakistan – ISI

It was formed in 1984 and has its headquarters in Islamabad. It is one of the most successful agencies in the world and was designed in such a way that it would help the performance of the Pakistan army in the 1947 war. In this way, it was avoided an invasion of Pakistan by the Soviets and has matched the KGB in the whole intelligence business. Also it has worked against the Indian attempt of conquering Pakistan and the personnel hired are so professional that it was never caught in action. However, people assume that the number of agents in the ISI top around 10,000 everywhere in the world.

2. The United Kingdom – MI6

Famous for the James Bond movies, the British Secret Services are really effective when it comes to counter-actions and intelligence operations. The general perception is that of an agency run with a maximum of efficiency and the movie is somewhere close to reality. There have been a lot of stories related to the agents and there are rarely leaks from the whole situation. It was founded in 1909 and it was called back then the Secret Service Bureau. The MI6 is in strict subordination to the government of the UK and has its headquarters in Vauxhall.

1. The United States of America – CIA

The CIA was formed on 18th September 1947 and it has over 20,000 employees. Its executive director is Leon Panetta and is the largest intelligence agency in the world. It gathers information in a really large number of countries which have a direct interest in the US policy. It is very efficient and it provides the necessary data for providing good national security. The President is allowed to ask the CIA to perform covert activities and in many cases these activities were famous worldwide. The main function of the agency is collecting data about individuals of risk, government of various states and corporations. Also it advises policymakers in the best course of action. The agency has a division of special activities which will insert and influence foreign policies and conduct even paramilitary actions. However, the greatest failure of the CIA was the attack over the twin towers and it remained something that would be a stain on the agency. After all the idea was that the cooperation between FBI and CIA seemed to work a little bit hard.


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    Nizam? U think dat isi is no. 1? Well den how someone as dangerous as osama bloody bin laden was able to hide near an isi quarter? And how every yr over 10000 people are dying in terrorist attacks?

  2. Boni Jew? I am from Pakistan, ISI is doing their job very well, they are not killing innocent people, they are killing those people who want a separate state, so Its their duty to protect the walls of Pakistan. You shut your fucking mouth. 😛

  3. boni jew

    hy guys boni is here! every time a saw nothing but pakistani and indis are fighting f**k off you both…..indians listen this s8*t that yours f**king agency is no thing than a s**t and pakistanis you think of what yours agency did with yours people …….. yead that ISI is far better than Raw but they are now f***ing with their own country , in pakistan they targeting the taliban less and the innocent people more check out the immensity international report that they are killing innocent and tortured them especially the pathans people of yours pukhtunistan

  4. So what if isi was formed 1948? What made u think that it’s nmbr 1?
    No hard feelings mate, but isi agents are sh*ts

    • Barna? Nizam is wrong, But the reality is, ISI is at the top of the list, Agents are doing their job, very fine. Don’t worry, if you want to hide ISI from the list, then join an Agency of your country to defeat. Thanks very much.

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