10 Women Who Gave Birth to Most Children

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Having children is a great responsibility and most parents tend to take it very seriously. They need a lot of things in order to be successful in life and in many developed countries the tendency is to try and reduce the number of children in a family. Most people opt to have between one to three children. There are rare cases when they go up to five or more. But some people decide that it is better to take seriously the Genesis command to populate the planet and this is why they give birth to a considerable amount of children. The top ten women with most births and children is something kind of awkward, but it is a reality that many should acknowledge when planning to have a child.




10. Juliana of Stolberg – 17 children

Living in the XVI century, Juliana was the Countess of Stolberg-Wernigerode. She had two husbands, Phillip II and William I. With the first husband she had five of her children, while with the second one twelve. She kept a close relationship with them and her most prominent son was William the Silent who conducted an uprising against the Spanish occupation.



9. Queen Anne of England – 17 children

As a queen one of Anne’s duties was to give birth to capable and surviving heirs to the throne. Even if she had 17 pregnancies, only Price William survived his infancy. The rest either died at birth or before two years old landmarks. Unfortunately, William did not live a whole lot longer as he died when he was eleven.



8. Kelly Bates – 19 children

Kelly and her husband Gil have 19 children. They all live in East Tennessee. The children are all homeschooled and the mother does the entire job. The father is in the tree removal area where he has a small business which allows the family to live a good life. They have even appeared on television. Regarding the health of the mother, she says that she has had easy pregnancies and she and the children try to live a healthy lifestyle.



7. Susannah Wesley – 19 children

Susanna and Samuel Wesley married in 1688 while she was only 19. Together they had 19 children. Out of them, nine have died in infancy. From them there were two pairs of twins. One child’s death was rather tragic as he was smothered by a maid. Susanna was accompanied on her deathbed by eight of the children. From her children, two of them, John and Charles were powerful theologians and people of the church of that period.



6. Michelle Duggar – 19 children

Married in 1984 and living in Arkansas, the Michelle and Jim Duggar couple has until now 19 children. Their family even has a TV show entitled 19 Kids and Counting, which actually presents their daily life. The show runs on TL and it is now at its season number 10. The family has ten boys and nine girls. Also in the family there are two sets of twins, both boys. The funny thing about this family is that all the names of the children start with the letter J.



5. Rose Alma Letendre – 20 children

Rose and her husband Roland had 20 children all born in Drummondville. This Canadian couple is considered to be the oldest family on Earth. The mother is now 94 and the 19 living children have between 50 and 72 years of age. Number 20 in the family died at birth as a result of an injury.



4. Anna Crocker – 21children

There is nothing much about Henry and Anna Crocker in terms of knowing a lot about their family. They were never on a TV show and never dared for more. Out of their 21 children, only 18 made it to adulthood. The rest died in infancy or adolescence.



3. Olivia Guinness – 21 children

Married with the famous Irish brewer, Arthus Guinness, Olivia gave birth to an impressive number of 21 children. Only 10 out of them survived their infancy and adolescence and reached adulthood. Her husband is famous for the traditional Irish Guinness beer that a world appreciates.



2. Elizabeth Greenhill – 39 children

The above house is the one in which William and Elizabeth Greenhill lived together with their 39 children. There were 32 daughters and seven boys. The unusual thing is that there was only a single pair of twins in the entire family. The last child was named Thomas.



1. Mrs. Vassilyev – 69 children

The Vassilyev family has the top record of bearing children. The magical number is 69. The name of the wife is not known. The children were born around the years 1725 to 1765. She had 16 pairs of twins, four sets of quadruplets and seven of triplets. The total number of births was 27. Out of the 69 children, an impressive number of 67 survived their infancy.



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