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One of the most common but charming pulls of any holiday destination is its own amazing views. On the planet, there is hardly any touristy destination that does not offer any dazzling vista. There is a baffling rush when a tourist sees an astounding vista from a point either on the ground or on a peak — a play of lights and a rainbow of natural beauty tend to positively charge the battery of brain to feel rejuvenated and motivated! Here are 6 not to be missed views in the world.


From the Acropolis in Athens

Historical sites have been always the most hit attractions for those who love to explore the ancient mysteries and magnificence. However, there are very few historical sites that offer a wonderful vista of the city in which it is situated. One of them is Acropolis in Athens from where the tourists get to enjoy the mind-blowing prime-city views. By the way, this is an UNESCO World Heritage site.

From the Lijiang River in China

Wondering how a river can rejuvenate one with some dazzling panoramas? Well, you can experience this from the Lijiang River in the northeastern Chinese town of Guilin from where the scene of several giant peaks of the Lipu and Yaoshan mountains will baffle you.

From the Glass-Bottom Grand Canyon Skywalk in Arizona

This natural wonder is giant and extensive from all angles. Regarded as the most colorful canyon on Earth, its rocks even today seem to narrate their 2-billion years of living. You can now take a breathtaking view of this great wonder between March and May by being on a transparent horseshoe bridge close to the Colorado River, which projects from an edge of a side canyon.

From the Huayna Picchu in Cusco Region of Peru

Yes, you guessed it! It is the view of Machu Picchu! This beautiful Inca settlement of the 15th century is filled with lots of mysteries. It is not known even today whether it was a resort, agricultural site, aristocratic estate, or a prison. But it is worth watching the Incan relics from the Huayna Picchu where only first 400 people are allowed to enjoy the view. This vista features the attraction amidst a cloud forest – a scene you will not forget all your life if you come in June.

While Diving at Lady Elliot

Considered as the largest reef system on the planet, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia is famous for its underwater glow not experienced on the surface and unique flora and fauna. For enjoying some best views, head to the Lady Elliot island and go for diving or snorkeling during the months of September and October due to clear weather.

From the Tiger’s Nest

This is where you will enjoy the picture perfect view of paradise on Earth – the Tiger’s Nest. It is a monastery that is situated on the Paro valley cliffs whose vista is awe-inspiring. The place is really tranquil with prayerful atmosphere and the flags around. You will have to hike through the snaky paths to be at the viewing point.


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