Difference Between iPad 4 and iPad Mini

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The month of October 2012 was extremely precious for the Apple fans that were in front of a new launch which would bring them a lot of interesting news. Everyone was aware that Apple is in for something big, but no one had any idea of how big it would get. The fact is that the release of iPad Mini was something that many people already knew about and it was supposed to be the star of the show. However, the great surprise, because with Apple there is always a great surprise, is that the fourth generation of iPad was also released. It was a blow that no one could have predicted and it was great for people who love the iPad. However, the new iPad will probably replace totally the third generation as Apple will not sell it anymore. Looking at the two launch products the difference between iPad 4 and iPad Mini can be found rather staggering and of great interest.


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iPad 4

It comes in the footsteps of a really successful gadget and the new version of iPad promises a lot. Its dimension is 9.7 inches and the display is full retina. It has a 2048×1536 resolution and it is probably one of the best looking tablets on the market. The pixel density is of 264 ppi. It comes with a chip of A6X with a quad-core GPU. The memory is 1024 MB. The versions are the classic 16, 32 and 64 GB. The wireless goes with dual band 802 and it is 4G LTE for improved connectivity. The battery lasts for 10 hours of using. It weighs about 1.44 lb. The front camera is 1.2 MP and the back one has 5 MP and 5x zoom. The starting price for the lower version is $499.

iPad Mini

As it was awaited gadget for some who wanted a smaller version of the iPad, the Mini does not seem to compete with the 4th generation version. It is actually an improved version of iPad 2 in which some flaws have been corrected and new features added. The display is 7.9 inches and it is a bit larger than those of its own kind. The resolution is 1024×768 so there is no retina display for this little fellow. The pixel density is 163 ppi. The chip is the dual core Apple A5. The memory is 512 MB. It weighs significantly less at about 0.68 lb. The entry price is $329 and the versions are the traditional 16, 32, 64 MB with and without cellular connectivity.


The difference between iPad 4 and iPad Mini is:

• iPad 4 has retina display while iPad Mini goes for an improved iPad 2 solution with more pixel density.
• The chipset for iPad 4 is an A6x quad – core, while the one for iPad Mini is A5
• iPad 4 has 1024 MB of memory, while iPad Mini only 512 MB.
• iPad Mini is smaller and lighter than iPad 4.
• iPad 4 is more expensive than iPad Mini with more than $100 for the base price.


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