Difference Between iPad 3 and iPad 4

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Apple has been one of the leaders in the gadget industry in the last couple of years and has decided to keep its dominance with a series of surprises at the last October 2012 release. Beside the expected thing, the apparition of the new iPad 4 was something which brought a new light on the technology used by Apple and the improvements that an already popular gadget can support. It is fair enough to analyze the difference between iPad 3 and iPad 4 and to see what improvements have been made to the entire support.



iPad 3

The mastermind in iPad 3 when it comes to display is the Retina feature which had packed 264 ppi on its screen. In this way it is a market blowing display that can compete with everything else. The front camera is 0.3 MP and it does not support a quite clear view of the Retina display feature. iPad 3 comes with the A5X dual core processor and a GPU quad core. It runs pretty smoothly but it could use a real improvement after all. The battery is acceptable for supporting the retina display, but it could be upgraded a little bit more. The pre-installed system for iPad 3 is the iOS 5.1, but it can be easily upgraded to the latest iOS 6. The price pack is really similar to the known versions and it comes with 16, 32, 64 GB capacities and with cellular option or just with Wi-Fi. For the connection iPad 3 has the capacity of 4G, but in many countries it could not be used at all. So there was the total need for improvement in both wireless and 4G connectivity.


iPad 4

Launched in October 2012, the iPad 4 is about to phase out its predecessor. The people from Apple want to take it out completely from the scheme and replace the iPad 3 in the sales. The display is the famous retina with 264 ppi packed on its screen. The front camera has been upgraded to a comfortable 1.2 MP HD for a better display during chatting. The processor is for sure better as it has the A6X and Apple has boasted about the power of it as to have better performance in accomplishing CPU tasks. The battery lasts for about 10 hours of use and it is quite acceptable for all its intricate processes. iPad 4 comes which the iOS 6 and the price is similar to its previous version. Connectivity is improved with the 8-pin dock which is smaller with 80% than the previous offering. iPad 4 is LTE enabled and gives the people from UK the possibility to use it.


The difference between iPad 3 and iPad 4 is:

• iPad 4 has a better front camera of 1.2 MP HD than iPad 3.
• iPad 4 has the A6X processor while the iPad 3 has only the A5X dual core.
• iPad 4 is LTE ready so the people from UK can use it easily.
• The Lighting dock has 8 pins in iPad 4, while in iPad 3 it has 30 pins.


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