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For most practicing Muslims there are two pilgrimages they should go on during their life as a sign of faith and appreciation. They are often known as Umrah and Hajj and there are some important differences between Umrah and Hajj that need to be known by those who wander over their significance.

The Umrah

This pilgrimage can be performed whenever the believer wants during the year. It is also divided into two major types the one with the hajj and the other that must not be performed during the Hajj period. The first type can be undertaken in an individual manner, while the second one is usually done together with other people.

The Hajj

There are three months that are destined for the Hajj and the pilgrimage cannot be done at any other time. The pilgrimage is presented in the five pillars of Islam and it is a major duty of all the followers. It is crucial that every Muslim does the Hajj at least once in their life. There are three separate forms of Hajj. The first one is the pure Hajj, the second is the hajj combined with Umrah, while the third is the alternation between Hajj and Umrah.

The Main Differences Between Hajj and Umrah:

Even if they are part of the same religion, the pilgrimages have differences in terms of observance, practice and importance for the believers.
Umrah is not a mandatory pilgrimage and it is considered to be rather minor. The Hajj is on the other hand compulsory and has a deeper meaning.
There are two types of Umrah, while the Hajj comes in three types. Some of the types imply a mixture between the two pilgrimages.
Umrah is not present in the doctrine of the five pillars of Islam religion, while the Hajj is included in it.
Hajj can only be done together with others, while Umrah is more of an individual quest.
The first two steps are common for both pilgrimages, while the Hajj has several additional rituals. In addition in order to be completed Umrah has four steps on the whole.


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