8 Funniest Halloween Pranks

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Halloween is very near and so is the time to play pranks for some fun! So, what according to you is the funniest Halloween prank? Well, your mind must be showing you some really funny ideas such as toilet papering the home of your neighbor. While this prank is really funny, it is something that you must have done even last year, as it has become one of the common Halloween pranks. When it is the matter of playing pranks during the creepy night, it is vital to think in a different way to come out with an innovative idea. So, here are some really entertaining funny Halloween pranks that are both unique as well as funny. In fact, they are some of the spookiest and funniest pranks for making your Halloween night memorable.


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Vomiting Pumpkin
Carving an orange pumpkin is actually one of the traditional activities of Halloween. However, how about carving a very upset pumpkin face with eyebrows up, hands touching the garbage bin, and a big opened mouth with all the waste seeds coming out of it? You can place this one in your kitchen or near the yard to amuse people of all ages. For some ensured fun, you can definitely write a board on it saying ‘Out of Order’.

Winked Pumpkin
You can even think of carving a pumpkin with a wicked but funny face. Let one of the eyes be closed completely with that side of lip end stretching upwards such that the face becomes full of creases. This one may show an old wicked man with big eyes. To add some more fun, just carve one of the known faces and add a small banner on the head saying, ‘Nice to See You!’ This will not only be funny but will make your visitors go nuts for not knowing who this pumpkin represents.

Climbing Helpless Skeletons
Let the external walls of your haunted mansion be covered by some glowing skeletons with banners wherein it may be written, ‘Hey, We Need Help to Get Our Blood!’ Isn’t this funny?

Smiling Hitler and Dracula as Your Guards
At one side of the door, you can carve a big pumpkin such that it shows Hitler with broad lips and big teeth shown on smiling. And on the other, you can show an innocently smiling Dracula! For making these faces, cut a big pumping vertically or a broad pumpkin horizontally into two.

Half Buried Skeletons
Let your lawn be filled with some half buried skeletons such that only their hands, legs, and skulls are visible above the ground! Just at the entrance of the lawn, you can put a board saying ‘Come Rest with Us!’ Do you think the guests will go?

Flying Witch Hitting Her Own Head
This witch is hilarious! Totally draped in black costume and head in a conical hat, she just banged her head with the tree’s trunk as she was flying after sucking blood that intoxicated her. The visitors can only see her black back, tail, hat, and legs and arms around the trunk. And yes, there is a message down: “Too Much Blood Made Me Drunk!” How’s that?

Bloody Watchmen
How about carving two pumpkins to show two watchmen from whose eyes bloody tears mixed with pumpkin seeds are falling? Place them at your home’s door in front of which an eerie rug says ‘Our Blood is Going So We Cannot Harm You’? What can be funnier than this idea? Try it and see the reactions of your visitors if you wish to amuse them instead of scaring them!

Inviting Busts
Placing some sinister busts in some dark corners of your home is common. But how about having ghostly busts of laughing personalities whose costumes say ‘No Life: No Knife’? It will really look funny for sure. Have you tried placing ghostly busts before? Whether yes or no, do try this idea this Halloween!


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